WARDELL Valorant Settings 2023: Crosshair, Keybinds, and Video Settings

To start talking about Wardell, it is a very true fact to say that he is the most popular player in the VALORANT game. In this manner, he earns a huge name of TWITCH, and it is said that the player is working with the team of Solomid. Among all the Nerd Street gamers of 2020, the player holds the first position in the competition.

WARDELL Valorant Settings

Here are the Wardell Valorant game settings, You Can Use These Settings to Take Advantage in-game and take your gaming skill next level, But A Player Design these settings according to his need and ability. Maybe the same setting is highly sensitive for you.


Display Mode:FullScreenVsync:Off
Frame Rate Time:UnlockedAnti-Aliasing:None
Multithreaded Rendering:OnAnisotropic Filtering:1X
Material Quality:Low Improve Clarity:Off
Detail Quality:Low Bloom:Off
Texture Quality:Low Distortion:Off
UI Quality:Low First Person Shadows:Off


Rotate : Rotate / Based on SideMinimap Zoom :0.9
Keep Player Centered : OffMinimap Vision Cones : On
Minimap Size : 1.1Show Map Region Names : On


Inner Lines1/4/2/2
Outer Lines:0/0/0/0
Firing Error:Off
Fade Error:Off
Movement Error:Off
Center Dot:On


In-Game Sensitivity:0.326
Scoped Sensitivity : 1.15
Win Sensitivity:6
Polling Rate (Hz):1000


Jump:left shirtEquip Melee Weapon: 3
Crouch:left CtrlEquip Spike: 4
Walk:Space barUse/Equip Ability 1:Mouse 5
Use Object:EUse/Equip Ability 2:Mouse 4
Equip Primary Weapon:1Use/Equip Ability 3:F
Equip Secondary Weapon:2Use/Equip Ability: UltimateC
WARDELL Valorant Settings

Get to Know Wardell

On the contrary, Wardell indeed earns huge fame on different social media platforms. On YouTube, the player has 95.8 thousand subscribers. However, on Instagram, almost 107 thousand followers are following him. Lastly, when the point comes to the Twitter followers, the player has almost 208 thousand followers. In this way, Wardell is a popular social media star, and he is known as the twitch streamer of the VALORANT game.

Mainly, Wardell was born on the 5th of July in 1998. Additionally, this teenager is very talented and has an average body mass. As you know, everyone has a weak point from where the real success of the person starts. Pressingly, he was not interested in counter-strike, so he resigned from most of the Canadian Professional Counter-Strike in 2020 and started to build his career in the VALORANT game, where he gets progressed day and night.

As a CS professional, Wardell completed his degree at the University of Toronto. In his leisure time, he loves to listen to music and in the gym because he believes that these things can help physical and mental growth.

Earnings of Wardell:

As you know, Wardell is a very popular player on different platforms, so he earns a handsome net worth. According to the latest research, he earns almost $300K as a twitch steamer. Since the player keeps it a secret, we cannot be sure for sure.


Pressingly, he was born in Canada and had Canada’s nationality. That’s why he stands among the Canadian professional VALORANT players.

Girlfriend or Wife:

In general, Wardell doesn’t update his relationships with girls. That’s why the public is unaware of his relationship status. Here, Wardell is very secretive about his personal life and keeps many things secret. However, many people ask him about his girlfriend, but the player always skips the question and moves to another topic.

Which game Wardell streams on TWITCH:

The only game that Wardell streams on TWITCH are the VOLARANT game. Primarily, the VOLARANT game stands among those refreshing games that offer a great experience to polish the skills. As Wardell is a very active person, so he chooses this game as a way to progress. However, this game was made in 2019 as a project made by a league of legends, and after the completion of this project, the game was named VOLARANT.

On the contrary, the simple explanation of this game is that it is a 5v5 multiplayer game that divides into two teams. When the first team attacks, the second team depends, and Wardell has a great grasp over destroying other teams. In this sense, it is not wrong to say that it is a search and destroy type game. In addition, the main goal of the first team is to find a bomb and have to blast it.

However, the second team must perform best to avoid detonating the bomb. Here, different matches happen, and each match is for almost 30 to 100 seconds. Besides this, the game is confirmed on a Twitch Stream, and you can easily play this game on your PC and Xbox series.

How Wardell plays the game:

Well, it is a million-dollar question that how Wardell plays the game because the beginner players always prefer to follow the professional players. To answer your question, we are here with complete details of the ways that Wardell is following. In VOLARANT, Wardell always plots his next step rather than just rushing in head-on.

Besides that, just make sure your team members are communicating well with each other. In an interview, Wardell advised all the players to make a goal to win in 13 rounds and try to achieve it. By following this key point, he has defeated several enemy teams.

Moreover, Wardell is very active and zealous to play this game. In short, his communication skills and nice nature indeed makes him the top player of VOLARANT. In simple words, buy a new phase and start your round in the game by selecting the best weapons. Besides this, the best trick to win the game is to stay steady to the main goal.

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