Fortnite PC: How To Use Any Playstation Controller (Step-by-Step Guide)

People are wondering & taking an interest in playing Fortnite on the PC with the controller. This article will describe step-by-step Ps3, Ps4, and Ps5 controllers, and sometimes users are not much used to a keyboard & mouse. Hence, players will like to efficiently use the console controller to play the games on PC, and the issue is that players don’t know about it. Then you are in the right place at the right time.  

How To Connect playstation Controller With Fortnite PC

The first thing that needs to be noted or observed is that the gamers who want to use the PC controller are basically categorized from those who use a keyboard & mouse. There are many compatible controllers such as PS4, PS3, PS5, etc. In this article, You will learn how to connect PlayStation Controller with Fortnite Pc.

Use PS3 Controller on the Pc Fortnite

Step 1:

Download an Scp Toolkit by clicking on the Download button which is shown in the above figure.

Download Scp toolkit for ps3 controller to connect with pc for fortune

Step 2:

Open files

Scp toolkit Open files

Open & install a setup of Scp Toolkit application that you have just downloaded.

Step 3:

Run Toolkit


After installation, click on a button of Run Driver Installer.

Step 4

Download Drivers

download SCP toolkit driver

After the installation, the user will download a driver that they require. Firstly, you require to select a driver for a particular controller. Thus for a PS3 controller, you need to “Install DualShock 3 driver,” & for the PS4, you require to “Install DualShock 4 driver”.

If the player wants to play the game wirelessly through Bluetooth, the player must check the Bluetooth driver & then choose a Bluetooth device that the player wants to use as DualShock/PS3.

3. The recommendation is given that the player gets the dedicated USB for the PS3 controller. Players can redownload the original and authentic drivers technically.

Step 5


Install Scp toolkit driver

The next step is to Install, so click on the Install after the confirmation of the device you will use. The audio cues & pop-ups might come after the process of installation.

Step 6

Confirm Changes

 SCP Monitor for the confirmation

Furthermore, you require to open an SCP Monitor for the confirmation of changes after installation. It means the player is outstanding and efficient to go & the player must be capable of using the DualShock 3 controller wireless or wired.

Use PS4 Controller on the Pc Fortnite

The PS4 DualShock four controller is a fantastic gamepad & with several tinkering, the player could get it to work with PC efficiently.

DualShock 4 is the greater controller, and it is particularly designed for Sony PS4. PCs are flexible & powerful systems, and the player can use them with little effort. In this article, we will discuss how to connect the DualShock 4 controller to your PC efficiently. 

Basically, there are 2 ways to build the connection of PlayStation 4 to a gaming rig. The player can go wireless or wired routes, but such connections are a bit different compared to the setting on the PS4 console.

Wired Method

First of all, plug the controller into port of USB with the USB-to-micro-USB cable.

Bluetooth Method

  1. Turned off by using a DualShock 4, press & hold a PlayStation & Share a button for 3 seconds until a light bar begins double flashing.
  2. Bluetooth menu is accessible on PC through a system tray.
  3. Then click on “Add Bluetooth” and many other devices.
  4. Then click on Bluetooth
  5. Form a list select a DualShock 4 controller that basically pops-up.
Using Bluetooth to connect ps4 controller with pc for Fortnite

Getting a Gamepad to efficiently Work

Connecting a controller is solely a start of the procedure, how a DualShock 4 efficiently communicates with a PC. Windows games mostly use Microsoft’s XInput as an interface that processes Xbox One & Xbox 360 controller inputs.

XInput commands are not sent by DualShock 4, and the wrapper is required to translate the input into anything that the PC can efficiently deal with it. There are 2 optimal choices: Steam’s controller & DS4Windows compatibility settings.


Connect ps4 controller with pc using ds4windows
  1. The DS4Windows is the freeware program that tricks PC into Xbox 360 controller connected rather than DualShock 4. Following are the steps basically to get into the work:
  2. Firstly, download the DS4Windows & unzip it into the directory
  3. Then open the DS4Windows.exe in a directory where you have just unzipped.
  4. Then click on VIGEmBus Driver.
  5. By following the various steps in the driver installer.  It will install the multi-purpose gamepad in a system that DS4Windows uses to get a DualShock 4 to work efficiently.
  6. Then click on the Finished button.
  7. Then connect a DualShock 4 with your PC.
  8. The controller must be shown under a Controller tab. Ensure all required drivers show up when the pop-up message appears on the screen, Which shook the new Xbox 3 controller’s successful connection when ready and available to play.

The Easier & Efficient Way is Steam:

Some player’s favorite game is available on Steam. These games work with a DualShock 4 with a quick tweak.

  1. Firstly, in Steam, go to the Settings menu
  2. Then choose a Controller menu
  3. Choose a “General Controller Settings”
  4. Then check a box marked the “PlayStation Configuration Support.”
  5. Then connect a DualShock 4 with a PC.
Connect DualShock 4 controller with steam

The compatibility of DualShock 4 on Steam is a pretty miss or hit, & this technique or method won’t efficiently work with non-Steam games.

Use Playstation 5 Controller on the Pc Fortnite

It is relatively easy to use the PS5 Dual Sense controller on the PC to play games because it is easy to hold and get extra mileage when required.PS5 Dual Sense controller is easy to use instead of a keyboard or mouse for PC game and more effective in rig setup.

The controller works both wirelessly and wired if the PC supports Bluetooth. In this case, you will require USB-A and USB-C leads. These USBs are used when you plan the controller will be wired. In the other case, if the PC has USB-C as input in this, you can use USB-C to USB-C lead. The points to remember when you use the PC5 Dual Sense Controller.

Firstly, the adaptive triggers in it would not be used when playing on the Picosecond. The haptic feedback is also disabled as it stands. Lastly, various games will display the correct PlayStation button through a prompt but not all.

The most important feature is that it allows the players to customize Dual sense Controllers’ LED lights efficiently. That adds some functions such as player disables or enables or may solely illuminate it. This has happened when the many controllers are effectively connected.

As we are waiting to look at the controller as the adaptive trigger or as the haptic would eventually be very supported.

Use the PS5 Dual Sense controller with Steam

Most of the popular game launcher and a storefront on pc, the steam lets people efficiently use a PS5 DualSense controller when players are running application & it is considered a great option whenever using the “Big picture Mode.”

To connect the steam, firstly open the steam &  next step is to navigate toward the top left then click the steam, click setting and click the controller option and lastly click the general controller setting in this you connect your Dual sense by using either with the wireless connection or wired connection. Hence, these are the steps to connect with the steam once you are connected. The steam will indicate that you may have the generic controlled plugged in & then even its prompt player to configure it.

The other way you are not using this, then click on this device & the next step is to choose the  “Define Layout” option,  this is the point from where you can map multiple buttons according to your requirement what people want to fit.

Use the PlayStation Controller with PC via USB

If you connect the PS5 Dual Sense controller to PC with USB, the steps required to connect through USB to use the  USB-C to USB -A cables, for the Dual Sense must use the type-C port of USB despite DualShock 4  a micro USB so plugs these cables into the controllers through this your PC (Window) detect it automatically.

If PC is connected with the port USB-C, in this case, you can use the cable of USB-C to USB-C.


The conclusion drawn from the above discussion is that people can efficiently & effectively use the Ps3 and Ps4 and Ps5 Controller on the Pc Fortnite. In this article, different steps are discussed in detail.

The player will familiar with all these controllers & its benefits. It is mentioned in this article how to do a set for each controller.

These are the most trustworthy method that we shared to use the PlayStation controller with Fortnite pc.

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