How to Surrender or forfeit in valorant (Step by step Guide)

Valorant is a team-based shooting game with a competitive mode. To surrender a match, players need to type “/ff”, “surrender” or “concede” in the chat, You can press Enter to open the chat window.

If your five team players agree to vote yes for surrender, then the surrender will be successful. To avoid spam, you need to use a surrender vote once half and players can’t surrender before the 8th round.

Forfeiting is like lose the remaining rounds and the only recommended when a team is heavily outmatched and has no chance of winning.

How to forfeit in valorant game

When a game remains on 5v5, then forfeiting the game is not recommended until the entire team is skilled compared to the opposite team, and you as a player must be confident that the opposite team will not win the round.

A guide to forfeiting and surrendering a match in valorant.

Surrendering the Valorant game was not so possible until the last few months but not each match is a game & fun. It is necessary to consider the game’s inconvenience. Finally, Riot Games introduced a few options to forfeit the game.

The developer of tactical shooters has been working actively and efficiently on nourishing the wholesome community. Along with the support of stringent immediate bans & chat rules, Riot Games in the venture has remained successful. However, in the booming community, maintaining in-game integrity in all of the matches is not possible. Riot Games has introduced surrender choice for players who have no wish to continue a game to ensure a healthy experience.

It’s a difficult task to maintain integrity in all game matches, and practically it is considered an impossible task. For players who don’t desire to continue a game to make a healthy competition, Riot Games introduced the surrender choice

Valorant Ranks 

Players may wish to forfeit a match due to the hacker present in the other team, because of toxicity, or a hacker in the other team. There are various reasons that a fun game can get a bit odd in some seconds. The options for surrender can time more of the time of players that wait for the next match.

Process of Forfeiting

For forfeiting a match within Valorant, press Enter for opening the chat, then “/ff” can be typed. It can open up a vote for surrendering the match. If every individual within the team gives a yes vote to concede, it will result in the surrender vote’s success. It then outcomes in a loss through forfeit. There are various commands of chat that can be utilized for initiating a vote to forfeit. These involve:

  • /ff
  • /forfeit
  • /surrender
  • /concede

When the vote’s option appears, F5 can be pressed for making an agreement or F6 for disagreement. Alternatively, the commands “/no” or “/yes” can be used. For making a successful surrender, every individual on the team needs to vote in yes, which implies that they wish to give up. In the case of unanimous votes, the vote can even fail.

The match will be like before, and the person needs to wait till the next half to make another vote. There is another important stipulation. A vote cannot be done forfeiting until the play’s 8th round is reached. If a person starts the vote for conceding before then, the individual must wait until approaching round 8 before making the vote no or yes.

In case of a successful vote, the competitive team gets wins for all of the other rounds. Same as this, the team gets a good amount of losses in the round. However, surrender will influence the present rank of Valorant (along with marring the history of the match). Therefore, it is best to give up only if the person is quite sure that there is no way of winning.

How do you surrender in Valorant

How to surrender in Valorant?

Ensure the activation of chat options through settings.

Open chat by pressing Enter.

Type any of the given commands within the chatbox.

  • /concede
  • /ff
  • /surrender

These commands will help to trigger the voting of surrender. If all of the teammates make a reply with yes or do press F5, it will result at the match’s end. The teammates can even press F6 to make a decline. Despite being an important feature, Riot Games has ensured that none of the players abuse the option of surrender by adding some conditions. Surrender will not influence if all of the four members of the team agree. Even one downvote will result in renouncing the vote, forcing every individual to play. Therefore, it is important to inform teammates before making a surrender. The teammates can have better choices or techniques.

Discussion with teammates is suggested more because options of surrender are limited. Moreover, they are required to be utilized carefully. Valorant permits only two of the surrender votes within the competitive game, one for every half. You can end up in the wastage of chance for forfeiting if the vote is triggered without teammates’ consideration.

Finally, a person can concede in the first half after the eight rounds. Instantly, surrendering is not so possible to make sure that multiple players have not misused the choice. Thus, all team players are obliged & recommended to play the first 8 rounds to evaluate multiple other options basically. While looking at the surrender conditions or circumstances, it’s obvious that developers wish that players must use the forfeit as a last resort. It is not advisable to leave the match mid-way. Over time, AFK teammates, toxic chat & hackers have prompted or prevented the devs from doing the addition of that particular feature in a game. However, team players must properly honor the situations & solely use the choice when all other options fail.

Start a Surrender Voting   

Simple steps you needed to get the “Early Surrender” in the Valorant game:

Step 1

In Volarant, to begin a voting procedure, you will require to bring up a chatbox by pressing the button “Enter.” Enter key is a similar key that a player uses when a player wishes to flame a remaining teammate.

Step 2

In the chat box, you only require to type the “forfeit,” “/ff,” “surrender,” or “concede,” but you have to remember not to use quotation marks.

Step 3

When you start the process of voting, a box exists on hud left side. This box will prevent your team members from either “/No” or “/Yes” or pressing F6 or pressing the F5 key relying on their own decision.  Each member of the team requires the surrender approval to pass & over a Valorant match. It should be important to remember that the Valorant will solely permit one vote of surrender per half.


The conclusion drawn from the above discussion is that the game named Valorant is the newest and based on a team shooter. When the Competitive mode arrives, then several players might be seeking to save or protect themselves.

In this article, the player will know how to do a forfeit in the Valorant for their convenience. In-game, if the player wants the forfeit, then different commands are available that he/she can use & only type the command /ff., surrender or concede in chat. Players may wish to forfeit a match due to the hacker present in the other team, because of toxicity, or a hacker in the other team.

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