Razer Viper Ultimate vs Logitech G Pro Wireless: What is The Difference?

Well, numerous types of multimedia mice are available in the markets. So, it is not easy to choose the best from the available options. The Logitech G Pro Wireless and Razer Viper Ultimate are two masters of multimedia mice. They stand at the top of the excellent performance and affordable price mice list. Most people find Logitech worth buying, and some find Razer Viper a worthy investment.

Both Razer Viper and Logitech Wireless are gaming mice. But it is not true these mice can be used for office use, multimedia, and travel. Carefully read the points given below and pick which mouse is best for you.

What are Razer Viper Ultimate and Logitech G Pro Wireless?

So, we made it easy for you by discussing both mice separately below. Now it is easy for you to make a clear difference between these two by reading about their working, pros, and cons.

Before comparing Razer Viper Ultimate vs Logitech G Pro, let’s see what features each mouse offers.

Razer Viper Ultimate:

Razer Viper Ultimate:

In the world of competition, where everyone is trying to compete with others. A Razer Viper ultimate is available for you that activates with the speed of light. It is the distinct update of traditional mechanical mice. Razer Viper Ultimate is a great competitor for others because of its quick response and durability. Razer Viper Ultimate is very flexible and can be used for all activities (gaming, work). It is wired or wireless.


The working of Razer Viper is simple. As we click on the right/left, its switch is turned-on, opens its shade. Then IR rays of light pass through it. It is the same procedure as to how an electrical wave is sent to your PC. Its activation occurs with the speed of light. That’s why its response is instant and three-time quicker than others. It just response within 0.2 milliseconds in games.

Features of Razer Viper:

Here are the attractive features of Razer Viper Ultimate:

  • Hyper-Speed:

The speed of the Razer Viper wireless mouse is fast and dominated than other wireless mice. Its transmission rate is very high and offers low click latency.

  • Highest Resolution Accuracy:

Razer Viper gives you 99.6% resolution accuracy. Moreover, assure you of consistent tracking of every little movement. It is available with a distinct charging station that is used for enhanced performance.

  • Precise Sensor:

Razer Viper Ultimate is available with an improved sensor that makes them remarkable than others. Sensors are much precise and best for headshots.

  • Drag Click:

Razer viper allows you to drag click due to low-drag cable.

Pros and Cons:


  • Sturdy design.
  • Low click latency.
  • Lightweight.
  • Improved battery life.
  • Completely ambidextrous.


  • Not good for large hand people due to small size.
Logitech G Pro Wireless

Logitech G Pro Wireless:

It is the best multimedia and gaming mouse. It is versatile because of its excellent performance. Its size and design are pretty and cozy. Moreover, best for all hand sizes, palm, and claw grip. It has customizable buttons. Also, offer the lowest click latency in both wired and wireless conditions. Its design is tuff and enduring. It also has two extra side buttons.


Remove the plastic cover present at the back. And turned on the power button. Then remove the circle covering present beneath the buttons open and plug the USB port there. Now it is connected to the receiver. Then connect the charging cable and its other end to the PC or laptop. Now install the G Hub app and use it.


  • App Compatibility:

It has an in-built app named “Logitech’s G Hub.” You can customize buttons using this app.

  • Ambidextrous Design:

Logitech G Pro has an ambidextrous body. Moreover, it has 4 detachable buttons. Each side has two buttons. You can add flat caps instead of buttons.

  • USB Connection:

Its USB connection allows you to use the mouse during its charging. Because it can perform a dual function moreover, this feature is secure and doesn’t damage your port.

  • Battery Index:

A battery index in the form of three Light Emitting Diodes is present on the mouse. It shows you the mouse charging. Also indicates when the battery needs charging.

  • Long Battery Life:

It is an important feature of the Logitech mouse that it has a long-lasting battery. When you fully charge the mouse, you can use it for more than 2 days by disabling RGB lighting. But in RGB, lighting is on. It can last for 2 days.


  • Ultra-lightweight.
  • Better portability.
  • Low click latency.
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.


  • Not good for shorthands.
  • Lack blue-tooth connectivity.
Razer Viper Ultimate vs Logitech G Pro Wireless

In what ways Razer Viper Ultimate is different from Logitech G Pro Wireless?


Razer Viper Ultimate gives a comfortable palm and claws grip than Logitech G Pro Wireless. Razer Viper is the best choice for fingertip gamers, but Logitech wireless is best for palm grip gamers. The reason for this is the different design and size of both mice. As Razer mouse is best for fingertip and claw grip because of its lightweight and lower hump. And Logitech wireless is heavy with a higher hump, so best for palm grip.


The hump of the Razer viper is lower than the Logitech wireless mouse. And Logitech Wireless mouse has smooth sides that seem comfortable to many users. Moreover, Razer Viper has minute curves on sides that are much more comfortable than Logitech mouse.


The weight of Razer Viper and Logitech wireless is 74g and 80g, respectively. Logitech G Pro mouse is only 6g heavier than the Razer Viper. It is not a great difference, but when you use both of them, you will feel a huge difference in weight.


As Razer Viper is the best, Logitech gives you the best clicks when we discuss their buttons. Here Logitech wireless beats Razer Viper in terms of fragility. It gives you a comfortable click and feels. Both have side buttons, G pro wireless buttons are completely matched. But Razer Viper has hard buttons that don’t press easily.

Scroll Wheel:

Both of the mice are wonderful, but the scroll wheel of Razer has the best grip because of minute furrows across it. It can be pressed easily when you roll the mouse on the pad. Also, the Logitech G Pro scroll is straight and light, but its click is hard one can use it after some time use.


Is Razer Viper ultimate worth it?

Yes, Razer Viper Ultimate is a worthy choice because of its superb performance and pretty compatibility. Its palm and claw grip is very comfortable and has good consistency even when moving fast. Moreover, it has many customizable buttons on it. And has two extra buttons on the sides.

Is Logitech G Pro Wireless good?

Yes, Logitech G pro wireless mouse is good because of its remarkable lightweight. Moreover, its sensor performance is good. It is best for quick movements because of its lightweight and robust design.


Both Razer Viper and Logitech G Pro Wireless have different features, working, pros and cons. Moreover, both are excellent and comfortable. Both have remarkable designs. Now purchase any of it according to your liking. But according to our analysis, Razer Viper can be a better choice because of its comfortable grip and size. But it offers a hard click frequently. Thus both have the lowest click latencies. So, choose it according to your need.

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