Logitech Marathon mouse m705 Review

Before we can review the Logitech Marathon Mouse M705, we first need to know a few things about the Logitech company.

Logitech is a Swiss company focusing on quality and innovation with a uniquely designed mouse to promote better functionality. Undoubtedly, Logitech designs high-grade products that have an important place in your everyday life. The company was established in 1981 and connects people through aesthetic and heavy-duty computer peripherals and industry fists to increase the overall user experience. With different options from the thumb-operated trackball, cordless mouse to laser mouse, and more, Logitech is no more an exception. Most importantly,

Logitech Marathon mouse m705 Review

Logitech is a multi-brand company known for designing effective products sold worldwide and bringing people together with computing and gaming-related gear. Logitech is one of the most compelling brands available on the market, known for providing high-end products that will improve your overall experience.

Logitech Marathon Mouse M705

Just because you are a computer enthusiast or a gaming geek doesn’t mean you need to spend hundreds of dollars buying computer-related gear to rock on the battlefield. All you need is a high-grade marathon mouse to fulfill your needs and get the cutting-edge in a competitive environment. Let’s take a closer look!

Already well-established and made a name in the computer market, Logitech never fails to surprise the users. It is one of the well-built mice you will ever come across as it promises to deliver quality and performance at the same time. It deserves to be a top pick with ultimate design and breathtaking construction. What makes it a top choice? Let’s dig a little deeper!

Logitech marathon mouse M705 Features

Most importantly, the mouse M705 comes with less power than the other models available on the market. The mouse can deliver increased responsiveness, accurate cursor control, and smooth performance for optimal use on polished wood-grain tables with laser-grade tracking. Furthermore, it works excellent with Chromebook that meets the compatibility standards to ensure a seamless experience.

The multiple hyper-fast scrolling features will let you fly through the entire long documents with a single spin of a frictionless scroll wheel that ultimately ensures precision and speed. Switch between dual modes with a click that includes a superior cursor control at almost 1000 DPI. Generally, this uniquely engineered superb-efficient features an auto-sleep mode on and off the mouse. The 36 months battery life adds more to the versatility while depending on the computing conditions.

Remarkably, the sculpted and fully-sized right-hand shape follows a natural hand curve to promote a comfortable position with customizable control. The two thumb feature is efficient in moving pages quickly with a practical option, no doubt. Moreover, the Logitech receiver stays on the laptop, and you don’t require moving it anywhere while moving. With a compact and portable design, this Logitech mouse is a practical choice to enhance your experience.

What’s more? It’s time to use Logitech options to customize all five buttons, including the thumb controls. You can also generate shortcuts to use browser windows and open multiple applications, and even more. The mouse will let you move quickly through the images and WebPages that ultimately boost productivity.


  • Excellent controllable features
  • Incredibly comfortable usage
  • Fast scrolling and reliability
  • Great value for money
  • Heavy-duty design


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Logitech Mice m705 Problem and Solutions:

Logitech Mice m705 Problem and Solutions:

Commonly, plenty of problems might arise in your marathon mouse, and finding the proper fixes is a necessity. Let’s take a detailed look!

Double click problems

Unfortunately, the double click problems are annoying but feature a simple solution. Generally, it might happen when the battery is low or other factors affect the mouse’s functioning. The fixes include the following steps for enhanced usage.

Solution 1 :

  • Replace the USB port and reinstall the driver
  • Remove the battery from the mouse
  • Press the mouse buttons for more than 40 seconds to drain energy in the components
  • Put the battery back
  • Please turn on the battery and try it out

Solution 2 :

It’s expected that you might have a defective micro-button and open the mouse to fix it and give it a try. The mouse will start functioning normally.

Scroll wheel problem

Logitech mouse users report that the scroll wheel problem occurs when the wheel isn’t working correctly. Some people might complain that some scroll wheels may scroll up but not down. Nothing can be frustrating than clicking the scroll wheel repeatedly, and it lacks functioning. Here are the common ways that will help you adjust the problem.

Mouse problems result from additional dust accumulated in the mouse, and sometimes just cleaning it will make it new and usable. Open the mouse carefully while cutting off the power and utilize an air blower to clean the excessive dust from inside.

Sometimes there are many problems with the programs rather than the mouse itself. You have to visualize the scrolling behaviors in the program and try changing the whole mouse setting and reinstall the program. Check and see whether it started working or not.

If the above factors do not help adjust the problems, it’s beneficial to memorize them when you encounter a specific issue. If the problem appeared after your installed or updated any software, it’s essential to uninstall that program and go back to the previous one.


Are you tired of getting a mouse with unreliable frames and inappropriate clicking, making working difficult? Or are you searching for something with unique clicking? Well, here it is. A smooth marathon mouse is much more than a typical mouse to provide you flawless experience. All features work together to improve the overall connectivity and flexible hyper-fast scrolling options to deliver optimal performance.

It’s time to get rid of frustration scrolling, less controllable features, and ineffective battery life. We have reviewed the top Logitech marathon mouse with the essential option to provide high-end technology and performance. I hope you have a great reading!

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