Logitech g600 vs Razer Naga Gaming Mouse: Which One is Right For You?

There are many advanced and remarkable choices of gaming mice available in the market. And many mice are worthy and accurate. According to most customers, the price of a product is the only factor that makes one product superior to another. It is not right in all cases.

According to analysis, MMO mice are made for MMO games. So, Logitech g600 and Razer Naga are two MMO gaming mice specifically made for MMO games. These mice have many buttons on the sides that make them perfect for many other computer functions. For the best understanding, carefully read the article below to know the similarities and differences between these mice. The discussion has every information regarding Logitech and Razer Naga mice.

Logitech g600 vs Razer Naga Comparison:

We have compared both gaming mouse specs, Which will help you choose the correct mouse according to your needs.

Razer Naga MouseLogitech g600 Mouse
Buttons: Upto 1920
Sensor: 5G Optical SenorLaser
Multiple Option:YesNo
Weight: 120 g133 g

What are Logitech g600 and Razer Naga Mice?

Thus, we discuss Logitech and Razer Naga separately below for proper standing. It will clear your all queries regarding their advanced features, upsides, and downsides. Now carefully read the steps below and clear your confusion:

Logitech g600 MMO Gaming Mouse:

Logitech g600 MMO Gaming Mouse

The Logitech g600 MMO gaming mouse has a remarkable and attractive body. There are twelve additional buttons available on the side, which is usual for MMO mice. Moreover, it has an extra button exactly below your third (ring) finger. This button activates an advanced set of instructions as long you keep that particular button pressed. This provides many advanced customizable alternatives for favorite games. Moreover, it has a wider body.


The Logitech g600 gaming mouse is available with a mini Bluetooth receiver. So, plug this receiver in one of the USB ports of your computer. An automatic connection is established between them. Turn on the mouse. Move the mouse forward and backward to analyze the speed of your mouse.

Logitech g600 Mouse

Features of Logitech g600 MMO Gaming Mouse:

  • The Logitech g600 MMO mouse has three outstanding integral modes. Set these modes using the G8 button.  
  • This MMO mouse has programmatic thumb keys. These twelve G-keys are compatible with many famous MMO games.
  • The mouse has the feature to change background color and effect for mode.
  • It has four different sensitivity levels.
  • Elegant design.
  • Offer precise adjustments.
  • Exceptional performance.
  • Abundant buttons.
  • It is bulky.
  • It has a rigid cable.
  • Physically large for short-hand people.

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse:

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Razer Naga is an MMO gaming mouse that is wonderful. It provides you comfortable palm and claws grip. Moreover, it has three different side panels containing two, seven, and twelve buttons. Many programmable inputs are also available. Razer Naga can change your effect that is compatible with your gameplay. Chances of misclick are reduced. Its CPI is relatively higher. It comes with both left and right-hand configurations.


Turn on the Bluetooth mode. Press the moving wheel for a few seconds to initiate the pairing mode. When the logo light will blink means pairing is activated. Now activate the Bluetooth of the computer. The pairing of both devices will take a few seconds. When pairing is done, move your mouse to see the cursor on the screen.

Razer Naga mouse

Features of Razer Naga:

  • Razer Naga has a real 5G optical sensor.  
  • It has an excellent ergonomic design.
  • It has both zooms in and zooms out options.
  • It is light so, we can move it without any effort.
  • It has three replaceable side plates for customization.
  • Many programmable buttons.
  • 16.8 M lightning effects.
  • Durable gaming comfort.
  • The contoured grip provides comfort.
  • A simple approach to shortcuts.
  • Not compatible with macOS windows.          
  • Less accurate options.

What are the requirements of Logitech and Razer Naga Mice?

Following are the requirements for the Logitech g600 and Razer Tech:

  • Both will require Windows version 7 or advanced.
  • Logitech g600 will require macOS version 10.11 or advanced.
  • Both will require Chrome OS.    
  • Both will require a USB port.
  • Internet approach is an additional option required for Logitech g600.
Logitech g600 vs Razer Naga Gaming Mouse

What is the difference between the Logitech g600 and Razer Naga Gaming Mouse?

In our profound study, both Logitech g600 MMO and Razor Naga mouse have remarkable differences.


According to the study, the performance of the g600 mouse is slightly enhanced. On the other hand, Razer Naga is good, but its performance is not good as Logitech.


Further, the Logitech MMO mouse has a higher maximum Counts Per Inch (CPI) than Razer Naga (has less CPI).

Ergonomically Superior:

Besides this, ergonomically, Razer Naga is superior then Logitech MMO.

Compatible Software:

The Razer Naga ecosystem or software is needed for the proper working of the Razer Naga mouse. Or Logitech software is required for the g600 MMO mouse.

Size and Efficiency:

Additionally, g600 MMO is large, heavier in both wired and wireless conditions, and more efficient. But Razer Naga is smaller, less weight in both wired and wireless conditions, and less accurate.

Palm Grip:

Furthermore, the palm grip of the Logitech mouse is excellent for large hands. Contrary, the palm grip of Razer Naga is not efficient for large hands.


Further, the adjustment of the Logitech MMO mouse is much accurate than Razer Naga. Regardless, the lift-off distance of Razer Naga is higher than the MMO gaming mouse.

Click Latency:

Moreover, Razer Naga has a higher click latency as compared to Logitech.


Another difference is sensor compatibility, as Logitech has considerably higher sensor compatibility than Razer Naga.


Moreover, the Teflon feet glide of Razer Naga is less smooth than the Logitech that offers smooth glide to less friction.


So, both mice have different efficiencies and precision. Thus, your purchase depends on your choice, which mouse meets your needs and budget. The frictionless wheel of both mice has left and right tilt buttons. Well, if you need a much more reliable mouse, the Razer Naga MMO gaming mouse can be a perfect choice.

Because it is small and light, the use of both mice is similar to a considerable extent. The only difference is the number of buttons on side panels. The Logitech and Razer Naga have 20 and 12 buttons, respectively. Additionally, the Logitech mouse offers less friction than the Razer Naga. It will be your wise decision if you invest in an expensive Razer Naga.

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