Is Nintendo Switch worth it?

Nintendo has been a pioneer in the gaming arena since forever, but with the new inceptions invading the market, such as the Sony Play station and Microsoft XBOX series, Nintendo had no other option but to bring life to its almost dead history. For a new revival to take place, the company decided to bring a complete revolution in its gaming history by introducing a Nintendo Switch, giving a much stronger competition to its fellow contenders. Whether you term it as a tablet, a remote, or a switch, this decision was by far the best one for their company as every Nintendo lover went bonkers wanting to get their hands on one. Not to forget, the pandemic proved to be a blessing in disguise for them as the switch did a great business, where all gamers could not stop themselves from dwelling in the Nintendo gaming world.

But is Nintendo switch worth it? This question must be hindering your thoughts, especially if you are a die-hard video game player.

In This article, where we talk about the various aspects of a Nintendo Switch, the cost, the pros, the cons, Should you buy in 2023, and all other details that should answer the question on point, along with other essential information related to your favorite game series, The Nintendo.

What is a Nintendo switch?

What basically is a Nintendo switch? Well, in short, it’s a gaming console.

To elaborate further, a Nintendo switch is a redefined version for a gaming remote. Whether you play it with your friends at home, sit comfortably on your couch, or use it single-handedly, the choice is totally yours. In simpler terms, it is a gaming tablet that can be used in multiple ways, either as a handheld device, a console that can get easily attached to your TV, or a tabletop screen.

Initially launched in the market in March 2017, the Nintendo Switch has been picking up its pace ever since. The best part about owning a Nintendo Switch is its portability. Remember those Game and Watch days? Technically, Nintendo has brought those memories back with its induction of a Nintendo switch in the market.

Is Nintendo Switch Worth It

Is Nintendo Switch Worth It?

In short: Yes. The fact that the Nintendo Switch has taken the market up as a storm is proof enough of its worth in the gaming arena. In fact, an avid Nintendo fan should not even think twice, whether to buy one or not. The most attractive feature and its unique selling proposition is the fusion design that lets you use it either detached or with a tab. Not to ignore the console’s pricing, which comes off as cheap and affordable compared to its hefty competitors.

The three main things that come with a Nintendo switch are a tablet, a joy-con, and their straps, along with other video games basics like the adapter, dock, and the HDMI cable. It also gives you various options from choosing to have multiplayer or to teaming up with other people online.

A very child and user-friendly, a Nintendo console comes with a solid set of parental controls taking the burden off your shoulder to monitor your kid continuously. With a touch screen and almost no weight, it has an NVIDIA processor that lets it run smoothly.

Having all positives attached to the brand Nintendo certainly does not mean that it has no drawbacks to it. Let us assess some of their pros and cons to help you get a clear picture of a Nintendo Switch.


  • Whether you take it to your college or slay at it sitting in your personal lounge, it is movable, portable and easy to carry.
  • It is a very compact and handy console.
  • Eye catching lay out
  • It is not too hard on the pocket; very affordable and not too pricey.
  • Countless games in the library


  • No internal games
  • Small controllers can become somewhat difficult to handle at times.
  • Lack of a high-definition resolution.
  • Battery life

Pricing of a Nintendo Switch

Priced around $299, it is the most affordable amongst all its patent rivals such as the XBOX series or Sony PlayStation, both sold at $499 or more. With its bold design and countless games, the Nintendo tablet is worth the price.

Just like you pay for your Netflix movies monthly, you need to be a paid Nintendo subscriber too. To enjoy the vast number of games available in its online library with the inclusion of other services provided by the Nintendo Switch Online, you will have to pay monthly to be able to use them.

Does Nintendo Switch Come with Games

Does Nintendo Switch Come with Games?

It shouldn’t be wrong to state that Nintendo has been home to some of the most popular games of all time. One of them was the Super Mario that led to various video game competitions among siblings, friends, and colleagues, back in the day. But unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch does not come with any pre-installed games whatsoever. Don’t get us wrong, you can still play any game provided that you download it from its library. The catch here, however, is to have a Nintendo Switch Online account.

Your online account will give you access to the Nintendo E-shop that is full of innumerable digital games which are not physically present in the Nintendo Switch but are all digital. Nonetheless, the device itself will let you play any game either paid or free.

How Long Does it Take For Nintendo Switch to Charge

How Long Does it Take For Nintendo Switch to Charge?

Whether you are out buying a phone or a Nintendo Switch, the first thing you want to clear your mind off is their battery lives. Isn’t it? The Nintendo company introduced an updated version of the console in a matter of two years. Basically, what we mean is that both the versions’ main difference is their battery life. The original one takes about 2 to 6.5 hours of battery recharging whereas the latter one is done in 4-9 hours of charging.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some of the frequently asked questions that are always very pertinent are listed below:

Can Nintendo Switch Connect to Hotspot?

Very easily. Since it is an online device, it can simply get connected to any phone’s hotspot.

Can the battery be removed?

No. You cannot remove the battery of the switch

What is its internal storage and can we use any external storage?

It has 32GB internal storage also gives room to any external storage up to 200GB.

What is the screen resolution of the mini-tablet?

The screen resolution is 720p whereas the TV resolution is 1080p.


Conclusively, a Nintendo Switch is a wholesome gaming tablet that is a must-buy for anyone who is an avid Nintendo lover. Whether you play it with a friend or be comfortable in your own company, this gaming tablet will bring you comfort in all ways.

It’s a 3-in-1 kind of console that lets you enjoy it fully. The bottom line is that a Nintendo Switch is affordable, attractive, can be used in three ways, and has a strong library full of games. You should get your hands on it without wasting a single minute if you want to bring weightage to your gaming skills.

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