Is Intel IRIS 1536 MB good for Gaming ?

Gaming laptops are unique only because they come with some amazing graphic processing units. Someone who is planning to create a gaming PC should consider the best graphic cards. If we shortlist some of the most amazing gaming graphic cards, after Nvidia we would come across the Intel IRIS 1536 MB too.

Many people still are in doubt and it’s pretty good, because, unlike the NVIDIA GPU, the Intel IRIS 1536 are a bit different, and anyone planning to have it for his gaming PC should know if it is a worthwhile GPU.

In this article, we will share with you the details about why you should or should not consider the Intel IRIS 1536 for gaming.

How does it work?

Well, if you have ever used a Macbook, then you already know that MacBooks come with the intel Graphic Technology, and use it whenever necessary. So yeah, the intel IRIS is a GPU which makes the Macbooks GPU better.

It is a bit rare if you get the Intel Iris 1536 MB in a windows laptop, but if you do then it would be a jackpot indeed. It is fortunately compatible with both AMD and NVIDIA GPU. However, experts recommend it with NVIDIA, it is a type of supportive graphic card.

In a Macbook, you can have the Intel IRIS 1536 and NVIDIA too, and the device will use either of these whenever needed.

Is Intel IRIS 1536 MB good for Gaming

Is Intel IRIS 1536 MB good for Gaming?

The intel IRIS 1536 MB gives 1.5GB for video memory, which indicates that it would be fine for gaming. However, there are still several people who believe that intel iris 1536 Mb is better for graphic designing only.

It is not true, it is all common sense, any graphic card that can give you a 1536 MB video memory would be fine for gaming too.

But if we would tell you that the intel iris is not ideally designed for gaming then you might get shocked. The Intel IRIS is not specifically designed for gaming. Instead, it is attached with the processor in both a MacBook or Windows laptop, and then it assists the GPU to give you the best results.

So from that point of view getting an intel IRIS would mean that you will need a bigger GPU setup for professional gaming. However, it is only about videography and other graphics-related tasks then the intel IRIS would be great.

To enhance the quality of graphics we would recommend you to go with NVIDIA instead of AMD with intel IRIS 1536 MB Graphic card.


So, now we have come to a conclusion that Intel IRIS is great for gaming, but it would be ideally better for videography and other tasks related to video editing. It will be amazing to have the intel iris 1536MB graphic card in your laptop, be it windows or IOs. Those building their own PC should also consider it.

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