Are Blue Switches Good For Gaming?

The recent decade has witnessed advances in the gaming industry. Gaming enthusiasts are in quest of adopting the latest technology in gaming accessories. The mechanical switches or blue switches for keyboards are one of the examples.

The upward tactile patterns on these switches give a clicky impression to professional gamers like FPS (Fast person shooter) and MMO (Massively multiplayer online). A little hardness on pressing these blue switches (the actuation force) gives the thrill of striking on the battlefield. However, these switches have their own pros and cons as per the gamer’s preference for using them.

In gaming, keyboards keys are essential because you need to have good control and fluency on them for shooting and fighting games.

In such games, a high concentration and full synchronization are needed between the brain and the movements of fingers. According to some gamers, the fingers slip over the keys of the linear keyboard.

However, on the other hand, these switches have a tactile impression that is a bit harder to press. Thus the friction gives a perfect punch. Conversely, other games are noisy and divert attention.

Are Blue Switches Good For Gaming

Are Blue Switches Good For Gaming, Here we discuss all the details about it.

Blue switches are the Best – Lets See

There are diverse perspectives about blue switches in the gamers’ community. For some of them, blue switches are the best because of the thrill they give them, like loud audio clicks, large tactile bumps to touch (which gives tangible feelings in a virtual game), and the heavy springs. These switches provide full control over the game than the simple keyboards.

Do blue switches sound good

No, the blue switches do not sound good. Their sound is loud and quite disturbing. However, it totally depends on the gamer’s preferences. A gamer needs full attention and consistent focus on the game. The loud sound may distract his attention.


The advantages of using blue switches are as follows.

  • These switches add an extra thrill by good actuation and operating force. 
  • When you press a keystroke, it gives you a clicky or tangible feeling that you have clicked somewhere; each click gives you a clicky sound as responsive feedback. This feedback psychologically gives a ‘work-done’ feeling.
  • The switches give you perfect clicks; in-time and highly accurate.


The disadvantages of using blue switches are as follows.

  • These switches produce a loud clicking sound the sound is ignorable but when you are getting into complex gaming, where your focus and consistent attraction matters to you a lot, this hitting may distract you from your focus and attention.
  • When you play some strategic multi-player game, you need to talk to your teammates and share your strategies and planning with them on the mic. This is a continuous conversation. Thus, these high-pitched sounds of blue switches may disturb your conversation.
  • The tactile bumps may prevent you from repeated and successive clickings. When you are playing some high-level game, you need to press the keystroke in succession repeatedly and rapidly.

Where to buy blue switches For My Keyboard

The blue switches are readily available in electronics and gaming shops. If you want to buy them online, you can do so through Amazon and eBay. You go to amazon and set your location first. Then you can find the availability of blue stitches and then place an order. The same you can do with eBay. Both these marketplaces give you a warranty for these switches as well.

Are Blue Switches Good For Gaming

Are blue switches better than Red

 A mechanical switch consists of a base, a spring, and a stem. The stem is responsible for the contact with the spring registering the keystrokes. Based on this phenomenon, we have two types of switches; a red and a blue switch. Red switches are gamer switches because they respond quickly. There is no feeling or hearing, as there is less force required when the key is registered. Their actuation point force is 45g. These are relatively sensitive switches.

Blue switches are typically for typists and programmers and are called clicky switches. You can easily hear when a key is registered hence providing ease to your fingers. Difficult strategic games, programming, and other typing require blue switches due to keystroke sound. These have audible and noticeable feedback.

Frequently asked question:

Can you make blue switches quieter?

Well, there are some ways to quiet the blue switches, such as using a desk mat to reduce the keyboard sound, using foam inside the keyboard for less vibration, installing rubber O-rings, moving stabilizers, using switches lubricants, and replacing switches.

Which switch is better, blue or red?

The decision of choosing switches depends on your taste and feel. Red switches are smooth and bumpless, while blue ones have a tactile bump. Red switches are quieter, while blue ones can be noisy for some people. The best decision comes to your personal preference whether you like clicky sound or quiet keys etc.

Why are blue switches bad for gaming?

Aside from their high adoption, blue switches are not suitable for gaming. Tactile bumps cause slow successions and less control in games. Loud clicky noises can be distracting while chatting with teammates. Therefore, linear switches are preferable for gaming.