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How We Built a $2000 Custom Gaming PC: Max Out Any Game Easily

Creating a gaming PC is pretty overwhelming, especially for beginners. Therefore, we have decided to share our journey in creating a custom gaming PC. You must be wondering why we cannot just go and buy a gaming laptop or PC within this range. Well, you can, but creating something according to your needs would be the best thing.

 Fortunately, if you know the basics of computers and digital devices, then making a gaming PC is relatively more straightforward. If you feel stuck, you can contact a nearby computer expert. All you need to do is connect all the devices.

how to build a gaming pc under 2000

Let us explore, one by one, what items do you need to build a custom gaming PC, which will be fully functional. Do not worry. The devices we used were the perfect combination, and the best part is each one of these supports the other instruments. So there will be no confusion. All you must do is gather the same models of each device; otherwise, different models can cause some issues.

2000 Dollar Gaming Custom PC- Parts We Use

We have prepared the equipment lists for the 2000 Custom Gaming PC.

Image Product Details
Monitor - Spectre IPS 24 Monitor – Spectre IPS 24
  • 165 Ghz Disply
  • IPS 24 Inch
ooler Master MasterCase H500 PC CASE – Cooler Master MasterCase H500
  • ATX – Compatability
  • ARGB Lighting
  • Tempered Glass
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X CPU – AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
  • 8 core
  • 16 Thread
  • 4.7 GHz
Liquid Cooler - Cooler Master’s Liquid Cooler – Cooler Master’s
  • Water Cold
  • 15 dB Noise Level
  • RGB Lighting
RAM: Corsair vengeance LPX 32 GB RAM: Corsair vengeance LPX 32 GB
  • 3200 MHz
  • DDR4
  • 1.35 Volts
SSD NVMe By WD_Black 1TB SN850 Storage: SSD NVMe By WD_Black 1TB SN850
  • 1 TB
  • M.2 NVMe SSD
  • 7000 MB/S Speed
Motherboard -Gigabyte X570 AORUS Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 AORUS
  • 4400 Ghz Memory Speed
  • ATX
  • AMD 3rd Gen
Graphic Card - 8 GB AMD Radeon Graphic Card: 8 GB AMD Radeon
  • 8GB – GDDR5
  • Base Clock 1257 MHz
  • Boost Clock 1340 MHz
PSU Corsair RMX series - RM 850x PSU- Corsair RMX series – RM 850x
  • 850 Watts
  • Full Modular PSU
  • 80 Plus Gold

Monitor – Sceptre IPS 24 Gaming Monitor 165Ghz

Sceptre IPS 24 Gaming Monitor 165Ghz

So the first thing which matters the most in a gaming PC is the screen. If it is not on point, then no matter how expensive the other hardware is, it will make no sense, and the entire machine will be useless for the gamer. Therefore, you must pay heed to the salient features while purchasing a monitor to create an excellent custom gaming PC.

We have chosen the Spectre IPS 24 inches gaming monitor. Let us explain to you, one by one, the reason to select this particular monitor.

For online gaming, you need a higher refresh rate or experience a poor online gaming experience with a slow game. For professional gaming, it can be a halt. Therefore, choosing a monitor a higher than the standard refresh rate, which is 144hz, will be better.

This fantastic monitor comes with a 165Hz refresh rate, higher than you have expected, and it will not make your online game feel like a broken internet connection.

It is not a tiny screen. With 24 inches, it would be a complete package for you. Watch your favorite season online, or play online games. The screen will be more than enough for that.

The sharp visibility with the in panel display makes it an excellent choice for those who will do graphic designing or any other design-related work on this PC. Thus, you can consider it as an all-in-one PC.

The graphic card refresh rate is probably different from the monitor’s refresh rate, and this difference can cause tearing. However, with this fantastic screen, it will no longer be an issue. It comes with the AMD free sync technology, which will automatically synchronize the refresh rate of both the graphic card and the monitor.

Now coming towards the connectivity, you can connect all the necessary devices with it as it has every kind of USB and HDMI port. Connectivity is not an issue with it.

Lastly, the resolution is standard, which you all need for an excellent online gaming experience. In a nutshell, it is a fantastic monitor for those who wish to go for professional online gaming or work.

What added features will you get?

So far, we have only discussed the major features, but luckily, this very monitor has many more added aspects. You might not get these facilities at this price.

One main thing which you cannot help but love is the built-in speakers. Even if you do not buy the extra speakers, this monitor is enough for the full gaming experience.

Next, it is safe for the eyes, as it has controlled blue light technology. Those working day in and day out can rely on this monitor screen without harming their eyesight.

Cooler Master MasterCase H500 – PC CASE

Cooler Master MasterCase H500 - PC TOWER CASE FOR ATX

A CPU cover plays a crucial role in making your PC an efficient device. Many people think that it is only for showcasing purposes. Well, it is not. A well-designed CPU cover would amplify the capacity of your PC.

The Cool MasterCase is one of the finest bodies for any gaming PC’ CPU. The most prominent benefit you would get through this cover is the cooling system. With the constant airflow, you can easily rely on the CPU for heavy and continuous work like online streaming, designing, and gaming.

It comes with three ARGB fans that will efficiently cool down the processing unit. Moreover, unlike the regular CPU covers, it does not have plastic sides, which will take forever to cool down the system. The front cover is made of up mesh for proper airflow.

Another essential factor that we all will need to consider while purchasing a CPU cover is the space. Fortunately, it is big enough to have more than one SSD, with all the remaining setup. Even if you fill it up with several devices, there will still be space for you to unplug and install other devices easily. You do not need to buy a smaller motherboard or hard disk drives to comply with the CPU cover. It is designed for gaming PCs, which means that there will be ample space.

As gamers are thought to be very nasty. But one cannot let the dust destroy the setup when it comes to devices when it comes to devices. It is the main reason why one should consider having a CPU cover. You do not need to clean this CPU cover every day, as it comes with three filters to clear the air inside the main setup.

What else did we like in it?

One thing which people do not consider much while purchasing a CPU cover is the connectivity. Any CPU which does not come with an appropriate number of USB ports would cause a lot of mess. But luckily, this one has the perfect number of USB ports which are very important when creating a gaming PC.

Next, the tempered glass door makes it pretty easy for the user to check any issue. You do not have to open the case to understand the problem.

CPU : AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

The backbone of every PC is the processor. In gaming PCs, you cannot use the regular processors that are fit only for the business and personal PC. The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X is an octa-core processor, which means that you can run any application on your PC. It is the most advanced processor so far designed particularly for the gaming PC.

If you plan to have Windows 10 on your PC, then nothing can be better than having an octa-core processor. It would make it pretty efficient for you to play online games without any issues. To ensure multitasking, it has the 16 thread faculty too. You do not need to worry about running different applications at a time. Just make sure that the internet you use can work super-fast; otherwise, all this would be in vain. One reason that makes it a sound choice for the gaming PC is the FPS speed, and it can deliver almost 100 frames per second, which is a perfect thing when you are using an advanced monitor.

One thing which can be considered as the downside is you don’t get a cooling system or any sort of coolers with this heavy-duty CPU. Well, you should not worry much, as the PCU case has a strong cooling and airflow system. Thus it will be a fine combination in the end.

What else did we like in it?

One pretty pleasing thing is the upgradability. You can use it with advanced sockets and motherboards pretty quickly. Moreover, if you wish to enjoy the experience of IOS speed, then it is the perfect choice for you.

Next, the 36 MB cache is another fantastic feature, and it will reinforce the PC’s speed. You will not have to wait for several minutes for a heavy application to start on your PC.

Liquid Cooler : Cooler master’s liquid cooler

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L

As the octa-core CPU does not come with an in-built cooler, thus it was necessary to get an external liquid cooler to make the entire setup safe and efficient. You might be wondering why we choose a liquid cooler over the air cooler. We did not go for an air cooler because they were already installed in the CPU cover. Then when you are installing a cooling system with your CPU all alone, then it is better to go for the liquid coolers. These are easier to install.

This liquid cooler by the cooler master comes with a dual pump. Thus it has to be the finest choice for a heavy-duty CPU.

Moreover, it would not make any noise to work in peace without getting disturbed. Not only this, but the larger surface area of this liquid cooler works extra efficiently. Thus one does not have to worry about the performance of the CPU.

What did we like in it?

Many people complain that the liquid cooler is not sustainable, and you cannot have it for a longer period. It might be true in many cases, as the cooling liquid can leak out. However, they have used high-quality seals in this cooler, which makes it nearly impossible to leak.

Another feature is the RCB controller so that the user can easily control the RCB fan. It is also a  rare feature which many people want for their gaming PC.

RAM: Corsair vengeance LPX 32 GB RAM

Corsair vengeance LPX 32 GB RAM

Getting compatible RAM with the AMD Ryzen processors is a struggle because most RAM is not designed for a gaming PC’s processor. Luckily, the Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB RAM, with two 16GB slots. Moreover, as it has DDR4 RAM thus, you can have it for a smooth and fast experience with minimum power consumption.

Building a custom PC often means extra power consumption, and people do not realize it until they see the electricity bill. We had this in mind. Therefore, we tried to minimize it as much as possible.

For running online games, it is essential to have a stronger module of RAM, more than the size of the RAM. So it can be the best choice for a custom gaming PC. Next, the memory speed is 3200 Mhz which is far greater than the regular DDR4.

One thing which many people find confusing while buying a multi-slot RAM is the power dissipation in each part for equal speed. Worry not. This one comes with a heat spreader created with solid aluminum to make every slot equally functional. Thus, the user should not compromise on the speed of the PC.

What else did we like in it?

I was worried about the RAM price, but fortunately, it was the perfect option for my budget. Secondly, it was pretty easy to install. One does not have to get into trouble while installing it as it comes with a simple one-setting installation.

In addition, you do not need to worry about the size of the RAM, and you can adjust it quickly even though the CPU and the CPU cover we used for this custom PC were pretty spacious, as compared to other devices, it did not cover much space.

Storage: SSD By WD_Black 1TB SN850 NVMe

Storage: SSD By WD_Black 1TB

After considering several factors, we concluded that it would be better to have advanced SSD storage instead of HDD. Many people prefer HDD for a PC, but getting the smooth working and energy-efficient SSD is better when it comes to an advanced gaming PC. Unlike the regular PC, the gaming PC would need extra speed.

On top of that, if we would have gone for an HDD, it would have taken extra space. When creating a custom PC, it is very important to keep every device at a specific design. Thus the SSD was the best option for us.

It is a PCIe 4th generation SSD. Thus the speed would be far greater than a hard disk drive, which is the main requirement for online gaming. One cannot compromise on it at any cost.

Next, it comes with the 1000000 IOPS, which will ensure incredible working without any delay. In a nutshell, this SSD will be a perfect fit for the gaming PC.

Lastly, as it is an NVMe SSD storage, thus you can easily have it for live streaming and online gaming. It would not stop working, and the screen recording, sharing, or another continuous storage-related working.

Keeping all its aspects and features in view, choosing this device for the custom gaming PC was safe. In case of any confusion, one can contact the manufacturers too. They have also claimed it to be an ideal SSD for a gaming laptop or PC.

What else did we like in it?

One thing which makes it a desirable SSD is the ease of installation. You do not get into trouble while installing it for the custom PC. It is a type of ready-made SSD, all set to be fixed in the CPU.

In addition to that, it comes with a controlling application too. If you wish to make any changes to its function, all you need to do is download the WD_black dashboard and control the SSD. Lastly, it comes with a 2TB capacity too. Thus you can upgrade it for heavier games whenever needed.

Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 AORUS

Gigabyte X570 AORUS - Motherboard

Once you have selected all the devices required to create a custom gaming PC, the last thing you should choose is the motherboard to connect all the parts and make the system work efficiently.

The Gigabyte X570 ATX is a pretty compatible motherboard for a heavy-duty custom-made gaming PC. It can conveniently support the AMD Ryzen CPU and GPU without wasting the user’s time or energy. As far as we have tested it, it was not a disappointment in any way.

It comes with 4 DIMMs, ensuring that the user can upgrade the memory module whenever needed. You do not have to feel stuck, there will be an option to upgrade whenever needed.

Moreover, the memory storage capacity is up to 1000 TB, which is beyond your imagination. You can rely on this motherboard for your PC anytime.

What else did we like?

It comes with a massive heat sink. Therefore, you do not have to worry much about it giving you a slower performance rate. Combined with the liquid air cooler for the PC, and the CPU case, it will keep the entire system at the optimum working temperature. There is nothing to stress about as the system heats up.

It works equally well with the gaming CPU and GPU. Such a motherboard is the only option for anyone creating a custom gaming PC.

Graphic Card: 8 GB AMD Radeon

Graphic Card - AMD Radeon

The most important thing after the display and the memory of a gaming PC is its GPU. When developing a gaming PC, you cannot rely on the monitor and CPU for their regular graphic system.

In our case, we have chosen this AMD Radeon RX 580 GTS edition. It has the advanced graphic core next architecture, which will ensure that the users get a fuller experience. This 8GB Graphic card comes with a 14 processor technology for extra fast graphic support; what else can you wish for when you aim to play online games? You cannot let a poor or old-fashioned graphic card ruin the day.

Even though we have set up an entire liquid cooler for the gaming PC, this AMD Radeon comes with advanced heat dissipation and temperature control features for safe work. It will keep a check on its temperature.

It is a fast graphic card with 1366MHz speed, which is just the right choice for online gaming and live streaming.

What else did we like?

One thing which was of great concern when choosing the graphic card was power consumption. It is generally believed that graphic cards tend to consume a lot of power in gaming PCs, and the reasons are pretty justified. However, this one requires a minimum of 500 watts to work.

When we planned to have the liquid coolers, the main idea was to make this PC a noise-free setup. To make that purchase even more effective, this graphic card comes with minimum noise-making fans. They will not start spinning unless the temperature rises to 60 degrees celsius.

Power supply Unit : Corsair RMX series, RM 850x

Power supply Unit: Corsair RMX series RM 850x

A power supply is an essential part when you are creating a custom PC. It will keep everything safe for you. Here we have selected the Corsair RM 850x. Let us explain the reasons for that.

As gaming PCs can experience higher temperatures, thus it is necessary to have a power supply that can work efficiently when the machine is heating up. So this one is one of its kind as it would work just like a standard power supply even at 50 degrees.

Not only this, the advanced capacitors in it come with a guarantee that they can work smoothly till 105 degrees celsius.

The fully modular cables are what you need when making a custom PC. Fully modular power supplies are easier to connect as compared to semi-modular ones.

What else did we like?

Not only is the 850 watts power supply enough for your PC, but it is also a fine choice when it comes to the anti-noise setup. The fans won’t make a noise unless the temperature rises above 50 degrees. Additionally, it is easy to connect.

What was the end result?

Connecting all these tools and devices will give you a great custom-made gaming PC. Make sure that you have bought only the said versions, and if you feel like altering any of the devices, then you must contact some experts.

The manufacturers of each device can guide you the best about connecting and installing each one of them. It is not very difficult. All you need to do after you have the best devices is to connect them.

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