How to hold a gaming mouse (Proper way)

If you are a new gamer, who has bought new devices to make the game even more exciting, but this time the mouse is very different, and you do not know how to use it properly, then we are here to help you. The gaming mouse is different, and if you think that it is the same, then you first need to understand the differences between the two mouse, and then learn how to hold it.

Why holding gaming mouse is different from the regular mouse?

The gaming mouse is quite different than the regular mouse, as it offers you great control and sensitivity. This difference was made by changing the structure of the gaming mouse. Before telling you how to hold the gaming mouse, it is also important to first learn the main differences between a gaming mouse and a regular mouse. It will help you understand why it is essential to know the right way of holding a gaming mouse.

Gaming Mouse
Regular Mouse
A Gaming mouse has several buttons. An average gaming mouse will come with at least 10 to 12 buttons, some expensive gaming mouse have even more. A regular mouse has only two to three buttons. It is only for the simple selection, and copy type functions.
The buttons on gaming mouse can be customized according to the need of the user. User can decide which button will perform which function. It all depends on the user and his convenience. You cannot decide the functions of buttons on a regular mouse. The manufacturer creates the default functions for each button, and the user has to follow.
A gaming mouse has the laser sensors, for greater accuracy and control.An average mouse will only have optical sensors; it is only for the preliminary control.
Gaming mouse have module parts. A regular mouse does not come with module parts.
You can adjust the weight of a gaming mouse whenever needed. The weight of a regular mouse is fixed; you cannot add to it or make it lighter.
Best for graphic designing, and gaming.For simple office work.
How to hold a gaming mouse

How to hold a gaming mouse?

Now, the main part is the method to hold a gaming mouse properly. Many people will feel pretty uncomfortable while holding and using a gaming mouse for the first time. Do not worry, and it is very normal. You might not have come across such a mouse before and be ready to have such strange accessories too in the future.

The Palm Grip

The easiest way to hold a gaming mouse is the palm grip. If you use this mouse only for designing and doing regular work, this method will work. In palm grip, you put the whole palm on the mouse so that it covers the mouse’s body.

Moreover, you can easily play the shooting and mission arcade games, as you will need to use guns and control directions. The palm grip will give you easy control over the mouse, which will be functioning as the key tool for movement in several games.

It is also great to increase precision, which is necessary for mission arcade games. This method will work for all games, except for those in which you have to press several buttons at a time. Gamers can use a heavy mouse when trying this way of holding a gaming mouse.

How to hold a gaming mouse - Hand Grip Tips

Controlling with fingers

A gaming mouse comes with several buttons on it, and they should be because one has to do different things while playing a game. A character can bomb, kick, jump, and change direction. All these actions can be performed through a gaming mouse if it has the right buttons.

For such games, one needs to control the mouse with the fingers. The palm grip will hide the buttons. It will support you for quick responses, as your fingers will be ready to click the buttons as fast as possible.

However, if you feel it is easier to hold the mouse with fingers, then you must choose a gaming mouse that is relatively lighter than the others. Otherwise, you will be unable to move it properly with the fingers as fingers cannot put pressure.

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