How to connect to a PS4 without HDMI?

Is it possible to connect the PS4 without an HDMI cable? You may be able to perform this method if your tv does not have HDMI ports (by using a DVI Converter, AV2 adapters, or RCA jacks). However, if your PS4 HDMI Port is not working, it will not work.

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How to connect to a PS4 without HDMI

However, many issues occur when you try to connect the PS4 with HDMI cables to the TV or laptop, as not many devices are not compatible with the HDMI connection. You will always need to buy some adapters to connect the HDMI with the TV or laptop.

It can be an issue for the layman as they do not know much about the alternative. If you are among such people, then worry not. We are here to guide you.

Note: The method will not work with damaged or broken PS4 HDMI ports.

Methods to connect a PS4 without HDMI Using Dvi Converter

Methods to connect a PS4 without HDMI

In the first place, one should always try to buy a TV or a laptop with at least one HDMI port. If not, then there are only two ways to connect such PS4 with the device.

  • Connecting ps4 though DVI (HDMI to DVI Converter)
  • Connecting PS4 through composite parts

We will discuss both these methods one by one to understand which one of those will be compatible for you.

Connecting PS4 with a DVI

The DVI plugs are fundamental in any TV, so you can easily connect them with your PS4 and the TV. However, the DVI plugs are not very efficient for the PS4. You will need to add a few more alternative options to the setup to make the DVI connection as efficient for PS4 gaming on your tv. For instance, the DVI connections will not provide audio. So you will either have to compromise or add an alternative.

Secondly, the DVI connection will not provide you the best resolution. However, it might not be a greater issue as PS4 is compatible with 1080p resolution. You need to follow these steps to connect the HDMI of your PS4 with the DVI and then the DVI to your TV.

  • Buy an adapter to connect the HDMI to DVI. It is easily available.
  • The adapter should have the male DVI port, and the female HDMI port; otherwise, it will not work.
  • Now connect the HDMI cable with the play station.
  • Now take the DVI cable of the TV, and connect its female head with the male head of the adapter, and the male head of the DVI cable will be connected with the TV.
Connecting PS4 with composite cables Using (AV2 Adapter with RCA Jacks)

Connecting PS4 with composite cables

Another way of connecting the PS4 with the TV is through composite cables. You need to follow these steps to connect the HDMI cable with the TV.

  • You will need an AV2 adapter to do this. You will need to spend some extra money for these adapters as they are slightly expensive. 
  • Now connect the HDMI with PS4, while connecting the other end to the adapter.
  • Now connect the RCA jacks with the adapter.
  • The other end of the RCA jacks should then be connected with the TV.
  • Now connect the USB port of the adapter with the PS4. It is now all set for use.


There are other ways too for connecting a PS4 without HDMI. However, the ones discussed above are the most common, and the adapters required for them are readily available.

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