How to clean the gaming mouse? Tips and methods

Keeping the PC accessories clean is necessary. Otherwise, the tiny dust particles can cause a lot of damage. You might not realize it, but eventually, it will create a lot of problems. As gamers tend to use many accessories while working, they should take great care. You might have heard gamers pay attention to the added consoles and accessories that come with a gaming Desktop.

How to clean the gaming mouse

The mouse is as important as the joystick. If you do not want to be in a mess, then try following a few effective methods that can increase the mouse’s lifetime. Many people do not know what a gaming mouse is, so it is better to give you a brief idea.

What is a gaming mouse? Is it any different from the regular mouse?

Yes, a gaming mouse is different from a regular mouse. As gamers need to control different game features through the mouse, the gaming mouse is a whole new thing. It has many sensors for easy configuration.

The gaming mouse comes with higher dots per inch, which means it is far more sensitive than the regular mouse. A gaming mouse has the following things that are missing in a regular mouse.

  • Macro keys are one of the most prominent part in any gaming mouse. These keys ensure that the mouse can be used for the commands that are often done with the keyboard.
  • Another feature that gaming mouse offers is the multi-key press.
  • Better polling rate.
  • A changed yet comfortable design.
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Methods to clean the gaming mouse

Due to the difference between gaming mice and normal mice, many people assume they can be destroyed easily, but some of the gaming mice are actually very delicate and sensitive.

Regular dust wiping

If one is cleaning the mouse every day, then it will not be dirty enough to use any other method to clean the mouse. All you need is some clean tissue paper or cotton for this. Now scrub it gently on the entire mouse, and clean it. You should do it twice a week. However, it should be done when the mouse is turned off. You must unplug it first and then clean it.

Using an alcohol based cleaner

Alcohol-based cleaners are the best, as they will never damage the machine. Unlike water, alcohol-based cleaners are volatile. Therefore, it will evaporate quite fast, leaving no residue behind.

You need to follow these steps to use Alcohol based cleaner.

  • Get an is-propyl alcohol.
  • First dust the mouse.
  • You can use some cotton pads, or tissues.
  • Clean the tougher to clean narrow areas first.
  • You must not use any type of alcohol sprays, as they are uncontrollable. There are several available in the market, and they might make you think that it would be easier to clean with them.
  • Once you have cleaned the entire mouse. Wait for the solution to dry.

The reason why alcohol is a favorite choice is its volatility. There is no other readily available and safe liquid that is volatile, and using water can damage the mouse.

Teardown Gaming mouse

If you trust yourself and feel that you know enough about connecting screws, then go for it. It should be done when you have never cleaned the mouse. This method is only for specific people who already know about transistors and diodes. If you cannot differentiate between these parts of any electrical machine, you must avoid this method.

Once you have opened it, take a small cotton piece. Clean the mouse properly, and you can use Q-tip too. Ensure that you have not pulled anything apart.

If you are using alcohol to clean the inside of the mouse, ensure that each part of the mouse is arid before you reassemble the device. Otherwise, it will not work properly.

Why should you clean the mouse?

Now the question arises, why should clean the mouse? There are several reasons, but the most common ones that will make you clean the mouse and keep a check on it are the following.

Firstly, if you consider all the accessories being used with a PC, the mouse and the keyboard are the most touched ones. Therefore, the mouse has a lot of debris and micro-organisms. Thus, you should clean it regularly.

Another reason is to keep the mouse efficient. Dust and debris can get stuck to different parts of the mouse. Thus, one should pay attention to clean the mouse.


There are only two best and safe ways to clean a gaming mouse. You should follow both these methods. The simple wiping should be done every week. However, the DIY method to clean the mouse with alcohol should be done once in a month.

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