How to clean a gaming mouse pad

Keeping your laptop accessories clean and tidy is a basic thing when you are using them regularly. Moreover, no one wants to damage the important devices only because he could not clean them regularly. As many advanced mice require some soft surface or pad-like thing to function properly, cleaning the pad is also as important as cleaning the mouse. Therefore, being a responsible person, you should not ignore it.

This article will explain some effective methods that should be followed whenever you wish to clean the accessories that come with a laptop or PC. It’s not very difficult, but sometimes using the wrong cleaning product can damage the mouse. When people wash the mouse pad, they often do not dry it completely, and as a result, the mouse is damaged.

If you are a gamer, then you already know that the gaming mouse is far more sensitive. A mouse pad that is not according to its thickness and other features will not suit them. There are different mousepads with varying thicknesses. Thus cleaning them will require a different method with various solvents.

For example, when you are cleaning a mouse with a thick pad, you will have to use a concentrated solution. Otherwise, it will be partially clean. If you have bought the mouse yourself and know the specifications, it will be straightforward for you to clean.

Why it is a bit tough to wash stains from a mouse pad?

For some people washing stains from the mouse pad is very tough. It is mainly because the rubber of the mouse pad is different. The mouse pad is made up of different types of rubbers. It is mainly to increase the efficiency of the article and make it friction-free. Moreover, rubber mousepads are the best as they will make the mouse move unnecessary. Rubber will not let it slip.

Secondly, they are water-resistant, so you cannot complain of water or juice absorbed in the mouse pad. Their hydrophobic property makes it the best option to become a pad for the high sensitivity mouse.

Methods for cleaning the Mouse Pad

Now, as you have got enough knowledge about the material of the mouse pad and the variety of mouse pads available, it is time to learn the methods.

Simple DIY method to clean the mouse pad

It is a simple method, and anyone can do it at home. All you need to do is follow these simple steps.

  • Take some baking soda, veingar. If you do not have these two, then go for the detergent. If the mouse pad is thick, then you should add three table spoon of baking soda, and two of venigar, to make the solution concentrated.
  • You must mix all this in a half liter or one liter of water. You can dilute the solution when needed, but as the mouse pads are made up of rubber so concentrated solution will be effective.
  • Now you should soak the mouse pad in that solution for almost thirty minutes.
  • Use a brush with soft bristles, to clean the mouse pad. It will only take a few minutes. However, it is necessary otherwise, the mouse pad will still have the debris that too with the soap.
  • Now, hang the mouse pad somewhere in the sun. ensure that it is completely dry. You can also use the blow dryer or hair dryer to dry the mouse pad thoroughly.
Cleaning mouse pad in the washing machine

Cleaning mouse pad in the washing machine

You can clean the mouse pad in the washing machine, which will save a lot of time. All you need is some detergent, and then put the mouse pad in it. Let it spin for some time, and you will get the clear mouse pad. It is the easiest way. However, you must ensure that the mouse pad is completely dry before you use it.

However, if you clean the mouse pad, ensure that you are not using boiling water as it will destroy the pad and melt the rubber on the pad.


Cleaning the mouse pad is necessary, but you cannot clean it without proper instructions. These are necessary if you want to keep the mouse pad for longer.

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