How to Change Gaming Mouse Led Color ?

Nowadays, led color mice are attracting everyone. Many brands have introduced their RGB lightning mouse. If You Want To Change Gaming Mouse LED Color, Your Mouse Model Must be Capable or have an Adjustable RGB Lighting Technology. But you cannot change the led color of any gaming mouse.

Customized support is needed to change the led color of your mouse. It depends on your system (PC or Laptop), Windows 10 or expired versions, and expensive or inexpensive mice.

You can change the color by opening the control panel and customizing the setting of your mouse. You require a mouse of the model that can support multiple colors. If your mouse model does not have multiple-color support, you cannot change the led color of your mouse.

Every latest gaming mouse has RGB lightings. Logitech, SteelSeries, Razer, HyperX, and Asus are the famous gaming mouse brands. Each of these brands has its compatible app. You can completely control your gaming accessories like a mouse using this app. Apart from RGB lighting, Another LED control system is LightSync, which Logitech currently utilizes.

You can customize your light settings, edit the color of the mouse that prevents you from distraction, and synchronize all options with one lightning theme using LightSync. Moreover, you can off the LED lights of your mouse.   

How to Change Gaming Mouse Led Color : Requirements


To Change Gaming Mouse Led Color, you need the following:

Mouse Model:

Firstly, select the mouse model that can support many colors. Different mouse models have many ways to change the Led color. For example, you can change the Led color of the Red Dragon m601 gaming mouse by pressing the side buttons and scroll button at the same time to change the led color. If you want to change the color of a Logitech LightSync Mouse or Razer Mouse, you need the required software installed.

Mouse with Led Color Support:

Use the mouse that must have a multiple color support system.

Software Required:

Another important thing is to download the app or software that is compatible with your mouse. Your mouse must be compatible with LightSync technology. You can control, update, and manage your gaming mouse using the compatible app. For example, for the Logitech gaming mouse, you need to install “Logitech G Hub” for the Razer DeathAdder mouse “Razer App” is required to change the mouse led color.  

Steps to change the Logitech Mouse Led color

Steps to change the Logitech Mouse Led color:

Below are the easy steps, follow them carefully to change the mouse led color:


Firstly, use a Logitech gaming mouse that must be compatible with LightSync. Because which gaming mouse changes the led color depends on the brand of using mouse. So, if your mouse is not LightSync-compatible, you cannot change the led color. 

Install the App or Software:

Whenever you buy a Logitech gaming mouse, first of all, download its compatible application or Logitech G Hub software. You can control LightSync through it. Always try to keep this app on the desktop or at the top of the taskbar. It will give you app access quickly. 

Customize the Mouse Setting:

The setting of each Logitech gaming mouse is different from others but similar to some extent. When you install the app, you will pass through some prompts. Skip these prompts using the app and start the customization of the mouse setting. You can search for the different color effects by clicking on the drop-down menu and selecting the desired one.

Here’s a tip to follow:

Be careful in the selection of colors when you add them in series. Select that effects that don’t feel you headache and disturb you.

Change Your Color Set:

Now you can change the fixed light of the mouse during playing or game. If you are playing a game, click on the app icon present on the desktop. Then you see a great range of led effects. Then choose your favorite effects and add them to the series. After that, synchronize your lighting sets by double click on the LightSync option. You can also turn off the different led colors.

The function of Various Customization Tabs:

  • Logo:

You can change your light settings by clicking on the logo. Here you see different effects and can change the settings.

  • Effect:

By clicking on the effect, you can see various effects and apply the desired one.

  • OFF:

If you don’t want to see any effect so click on the OFF tab.

  • FIXED:

When you add your favorite effects in the series, then click on fixed. Now fixed colors are set.

  • Breathing:

If you want dim or bright light at the time, choose one color, and click on the breathing tab.


Can I Change Any Mouse Led Color?

No, you cannot change any mouse LED color because the mouse can change the led color only when it have customized led color support to change its led color. It also depends on which mouse you use. So, download the compatible software for your mouse and change the color.

Which Is the Best Gaming Mouse for Customized led color?

Razer DeathAdder is the best gaming mouse for customized led color. Because of excellent performance and numerous setting options. Moreover, the design of DeathAdder is very slim and beautiful. And its palm and claw grip is best for all hands size.


From the overall discussion, we conclude that you cannot change the led color of any gaming mouse. You can change the led color of only that mouse that supports many customization options and multiple colors. Another important thing you need is the software or app that is compatible with your gaming mouse. Download the app or software of the mouse company. You can search and explore many effects using the app and apply them.

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