How much should I spend on a gaming chair?

Every gamer wishes to have the best accessories to make the gaming experience fabulous and comfortable. Suppose you wonder that playing today’s online games without a gaming chair will be a good idea. Then you need to think again.

How much should you spend on buying a gaming chair

Do you feel that sitting on any surface for more than two hours is comfortable? With a gaming chair, you can easily play long online games on weekends with your friends. It is a pandemic time, and we all are quite bored, and online gaming sessions can be lifesavers. To make it happen, one needs to have the finest gaming chair. These chairs can be expensive, but not all of them.

The gaming chairs are expensive compared to the other chairs, like study table chairs, armchairs, rocking chairs, and ladder chairs. But does that mean you should always spend a huge amount to buy it? Well, it is not the case.

Factors that determine the price of a gaming chair

Factors that determine the price of a gaming chair

Its different features would determine the price of every commodity. Which Will Help to understand How much you should spend on buying a gaming chair. Generally, gaming chairs range from $200 to $1000; this price difference depends on the following things.

The material of the upholstery

Different types of upholstery are available for the gaming chairs; you can either have the leather upholstered gaming chairs or the fabric upholstered. For those who are a bit messy, the leather upholstery gaming chairs are the best. However, as compared to the fabric upholstery, the leather upholstery chairs are far expensive. But These gaming chairs are last long as compared to other materials. You might need to spend almost $500 to $700 for a leather gaming chair; on the other hand, you can easily get a fabric upholstery chair within $500.

The technology

There are different types of gaming chairs offering ease of use. It is made possible through technology. Some gaming chairs come with Bluetooth speakers. These are the best for those who play online games all the time, and wearing headphones will not be an ideal option. Similarly, a few are with attached joystick and keyboards. These are also great when you do not want to make it a messier place for you.

However, there are a few with minimum technology. If you would go for the ones with the technological features, for the sake of ease and pleasure, then you will have to pay more. Such chairs would be available in a range of $800 to $1200.

The size of the chair

The larger the chair is, the expensive it will be. It is self-evident, but for some people buying an extra-large chair will only be a loss. Sometimes, you do not need to buy a big one. It is very subjective; a heavy player would love to have a larger seat, but save your money and go for a smaller one if you feel that you are an average-sized man. 

The design and structure

You can have a simple dining table chair for the gaming sessions if you want to while compromising your comfort. But if you wish to have the most comfortable gaming chair, then you need to consider the ergonomic structure.

A comfortable gaming chair will have proper headrests and armchairs, with a curved seat. This structuring will cost some bucks; an ergonomic gaming chair will come in around $500, provided that it has the finest material too.


The manufacturers will never know what the height of the users is. Therefore, it is always necessary to buy a gaming chair with adjustable height. This feature also comes with a cost because adding hydraulic support to a chair will be costly.

How much then should one spend on a gaming chair

How much should You spend on a gaming chair?

Now, as you have an idea about the features that can affect the price of a gaming chair, it will be easier for you to decide on an amount.

You should first consider the budget, as the market price for gaming chairs is around $300 to $1000, then it is up to you to first consider how much you can easily spend.

Suppose person A can spend $800 and person B can spend $500. Now, person A should consider all the best available features in this range, and the B should also try the same.

Keep in mind that everyone should try to find the best article. In our opinion, once you have planned a budget, it should then be bought within the minimum amount according to the decided budget.

Conclusively, for a comfortable and tech-savvy experience, one should spend almost $600 on a reliable gaming chair. Spending lower than this would mean compromising on the quality.

Even if you buy a $200 gaming chair, you will still need to buy more than one chair a year. That means you are spending almost $500 annually on a gaming chair. On the other hand, a single purchase of $600 would mean that you have bought a reliable article and will last for more than two years straight.

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