How Much RAM is Required for Gaming and Streaming?

Have you ever wondered about having an extremely slow PC? We all buy PC and other devices to make our work fast if any device is not supporting this idea. Then we should probably let it go and get a new one. There is no point in investing money or time on something which will only waste your time.

RAM, the random Access memory, is something that is like the horse which will carry the processes in any device. Be it your PC or your mobile phone. Imagine that there is a cart with a lot of stuff on it, and it has a lot of space too, with large wheels, and is perfectly built, but the horses attached to the cart are frail and weak. Will such a cart reach its destination?

The same is the situation with the RAM. If your Desktop has less RAM, you probably will not be able to run the heavy software simultaneously on your device—no matter how big the storage is and how powerful your PC’s processor has.

What is RAM and why is it important?

RAM is the memory your computer can hold for a certain period of time. If your PC can not locate what programs are running while you are using it, it will be impossible for you to use it. The larger the RAM, the more efficient a PC is. However, the extra-large size RAM can negatively affect your PC performance. So it is better to know your needs.

The most strong applications currently can be related to engineering tasks, gaming, or streaming. You must be wondering why streaming? Well, streaming will be a continuous process, and you will need to do all the rest of your work while your Gaming PC is being used for streaming. So in that sense, streaming is also a heavy operation.

Now, what will the RAM do? The Random access memory will allow your Computer to run different applications together at a fast pace.

So how much RAM would be ideal for gaming and streaming? It really depends on the type of gaming, and we cannot give you an exact answer. However, even if you need a laptop or computer for simple tasks like writing research, then it would also be great to have a large RAM.

How much RAM do I need for gaming and streaming?

Well, after all that general description, it is time to share with you some facts about the RAM required for a gaming PC.

Keep in mind that a gamer who is also into live streaming requires several pieces of software. Moreover, he will be using all those software together. Thus, a large RAM is what would work for any gaming PC.

If you are a beginner, let us list a few software required for gaming and streaming.

  • A software for smooth streaming. It is a heavy one.
  • Then sometimes, you will also need a game booster too.
  • To search for the best game you might need a gaming library.  You never know when you will hit the best game.
  • A software for multi-players. Particularly when all your players are away from you. It can be something like Zoom or team viewer.
  • A VPN, if the game is blocked in your region, or you wish to have privacy.
  • A graphic booster for the amazing display.
  • Then a PC optimizer.

 So keeping in view this list, it would be better that you consider almost 32GB RAM for a gaming PC. But still, there are a few things that you need to consider.

Will 64GB RAM overkill the Gaming PC?

There is a mixed review for it. If you are using your PC solely for gaming, it would be better to have something else because the 64GB RAM will definitely overkill the PC. On the other hand, if you aim to use several applications together, then it would be better to have 64GB RAM.

Is 32Gb RAM good for gaming PCs?

Yes, it is the perfect RAM size for any gaming PC when you wish to play the latest games. You will make your Desktop ready for the future, as you never know how heavy games will be launched.

Is 16Gb RAM good for gaming?

16Gb RAM is also great for gaming, but if you are only playing the current games. It would work smoothly if you were only using your PC for gaming. In case you are into some other applications too, such as you need to work while playing, then it might not be an excellent idea for a gaming plus work PC.

Is 8Gb RAM good for gaming?

8 Gb RAM is ideal for beginners, but any RAM lower than this would be a total disaster. It is believed to be the minimum of RAM any gamer can have. So it is better to go for more if you plan to have a great gaming experience.

64Gb Vs 32Gb: which one is better for gaming and streaming?

It depends on your requirements. If you wish to do both the gaming and live streaming together, the 64Gb RAM will be fine. But it should only be considered when you are supposed to use several applications together.

If you are only planning to go for a Computer that only is used for gaming, then the 32GB RAM will be fine. However, if you use 32GB storage, it will still work for both streaming and gaming. So if you do not want to overkill your PC and the effect on gaming quality, then the better option will be the 32Gb RAM.


RAM is a pivotal feature, and if you would not consider this, you might not be able to use your computer properly. For gaming, the ideal RAM size can be 16 to 32GB. If you are searching for a PC ideal for gaming and other activities, too, then you should go for 64Gb.

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