How long do gaming chairs last? (Durability Truth)

For a gamer, the most important accessory after the gaming devices is the gaming chair. A comfortable gaming chair can reinforce the payer’s focus. It will not only make the gaming session wonderful but will also enhance the quality.

It is very rare that you would see a professional gamer without a gaming chair. Whenever you buy a gaming chair, the first thing that comes to your mind is the level of comfort being offered by the game and its durability.

How long do gaming chairs last

As gaming chairs are a bit expensive than regular chairs, therefore the buyer must learn a few facts about them before buying. In case you are searching for a reliable gaming chair, it is essential to know the chair’s durability.

Keeping in view the most common concern of gamers about their gaming chairs, we have tried to answer it. Before we give you a direct answer, it is necessary to first address a few more details about gaming chairs.

First of all, it is quite subjective, as there are different types of gaming chairs available in the market; thus, each class will have a different life span. Another factor that plays a decisive role in making any chair last is the way you use it.

If the user is a careful lad who does not want to lose the chair, it might last for longer than expected.

How long do gaming chairs actually last?

So let us get straight to the question. As a matter of fact, the average life span of a durable gaming chair would be up to two to three years. After that, it might not be as comfortable as a new gaming chair. But this is the minimum; some people can even have the same gaming chair for more than three to four years.

In some cases, the manufacturers sell a product with a warranty on it. That is almost more than one to two years. It indicates that this chair will last longer than the warranty.

infographics of increase the durability of your gaming chair

How can you increase the durability of your gaming chair?

Now, as you know that the maximum life span of a gaming chair will be almost three years, it is time to further know about the methods and ways of usage that can increase the lifetime of your favorite gaming chairs.

We believe using the gaming chairs properly is necessary, as these are quite expensive, and for a gamer, it will be impractical to buy new gaming chairs every other day. Thus, if you have bought one, make sure that you know the right ways to use it.

Do not over-weight it.

If the manufacturer says that a gaming chair can only hold a weight of last 220 lbs, then do not try to put heavy objects on it. Moreover, when you are using your gaming chair, do not hold heavy devices too. It will be destructive for the chair.

Grease it regularly

Whenever you hear that the chair is squeaking, immediately get the best grease to make it less noisy. These noises indicate that your chair is getting old, and it will soon get out of order. You should point out the connecting points and the areas made up of solid metal. These are the points where you should pour some machine oil for greasing.

Do not let the animals come near it.

Dogs are always better than cats for a gamer. If you, unfortunately, have a clingy cat, then ensure that it is not using its claws to destroy the seat. Keep your seat away from them.

Clean it

Dirty things will not last long. Therefore, it is essential to keep your gaming chair clean. You can try different cleaning solvents for that; it will take some time, but it will all be worth your while at the end of the day. You should ensure that the cleaning method you try is compatible with the type of chair you have.

areas that are most likely to get damaged in a gaming chair.

The areas that are most likely to get damaged in a gaming chair.

In some cases, it is not about the entire gaming chair; in many cases, some particular parts of gaming chairs get affected when used for a prolonged period.

You need to take care of the following parts of the gaming chairs if you want them to last longer.

  • The armrests are the most delicate and the most used areas. So you need to ensure that you do not put extra pressure on these.
  • The frame of the chair. People do not realize what went wrong; while playing online games, they tend to push the backrest and metal frame in excitement, this way, it might get damaged.
  • The base and the wheels are also at risk of getting early damage. One should not move the chair unnecessarily. Once the base is damaged, you can no longer use the chair.
  • The gas lift is also a delicate part and should be used carefully.


Gaming chairs are a permanent accessory in a gamer’s life. Imagine playing games for 24 hours without a comfortable seat; it will be havoc. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a reliable gaming chair that should last for more than two years.

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