how long do gaming laptop last?

Investing in a gaming laptop means that one is getting a device to play online games and a fantastic tool to do different digital tasks pretty efficiently. If you are a beginner, who has never seen or used a gaming laptop, but want to purchase one to improve the gaming quality or work efficiency, then the first thing that will pop up in your mind is sustainability.

As compared to a business or personal laptop, gaming laptops are very robust. The most prominent features of a gaming laptop are the processing unit and the graphic processing unit. The entire machine and its performance depend on the functionality of these two aspects.

Finding a reliable and robust gaming laptop is not as simple as ABC. One will need to review a lot of reviews and consult some experts before spending money. But what if you buy a gaming laptop, and it stops working within a few years? It should not happen, but misfortunately many buyers have experienced it.

We cannot give you an absolute number, nor can we mention the time. It is very subjective, and the lifetime of any gaming laptop depends on multiple factors. To help you ascertain it, we have said a few things that can affect the working of a gaming PC.

Factors that can affect a Gaming Laptop

Factors that can affect a Gaming Laptop


Gaming PC has several hardware devices installed in it. Therefore, the users should ensure that there is no dust over the laptop and clean it regularly. Dust particles can affect keyboards and processors.

If you have never cleaned your laptop, then the chances are that it will stop working soon, or various technical issues might arise.

Compatible power supply

If you are not using the right power adapter to charge your laptop, it will soon stop working. The incompatible power supply will damage the internal hardware, and eventually, your laptop will be of no use.

Efficient Cooling system

If the gaming laptop you have bought does not come with a robust cooling system, while it has the most advanced RAM, processing unit, and GPU set up, then be ready to purchase a new one.

Heavy hardware would make the internal set-up heated after an hour of hours. To keep the temperature average and optimal level, it is necessary to have a gaming laptop with a reliable cooling system.

The updates

If you’re recently skipping on the software and windows update, you will lose your laptop soon. Many people think that updates are unnecessary, no they are not. You must keep checking those updates, and after reading the outcome, go for that update. It does not mean that one should follow every update, but the necessary pens for the systems must be considered.

No surge protectors

You cannot trust the electricity supply companies. Even when they claim to compensate for any loss that originated from their end, you will still lose a lot of things, including time and energy.

Those who do not know about surge protectors, and experience power outages in the region, must go for a surge protector. Otherwise, they will be going out to buy another gaming laptop real soon.

Using it properly

People tend to consider their laptop a light switch. If you want to use a gaming laptop, you must know that turning it on will mean that you have turned on all the hardware in it. Those are not the ordinary ones and consume a lot of power to initiate.

Turning the laptop abruptly, without closing all the windows and software, or putting it off just after turning on, will cause damage to the system.

One more thing, you should not handle it like a tray. It must be held securely. Otherwise, you will be responsible for the damage and mishandling.

how long will the gaming laptop last

So how long will the gaming laptop last?

Now, the most probable answer to this question will be five to six years. Still, it depends on several different factors. If you have bought a reliable gaming laptop manufactured by some renowned brand, and you are using it with great care, then it can keep working for more than five years too.

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