How to end warmup in CSGO (Pro Player Guide)

Valve & Hidden Path Entertainment developed the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, which is a multiplayer game. In the series of Counter-Strike, CS: GO is the fourth game. Global Offensive is released for macOS, Windows, PlayStation & Xbox360 in August 2020.

Warmup allows the players to efficiently prepare for the game & wait for other players to connect to the server efficiently. There is the server for CS: GO game. When all team players have connected to the server, the warmup match ends & the game starts.

End warmup in cs: go with console commands

It’s a very worse condition or situation to waste 15 seconds or minutes or might a waste longer time, for warmup on the server of CS: GO or offline game to end.  To end the warmup cs: go, the player can use the console’s simple command to instantly or immediately skip a warmup & begin the match.

For use the console commands, the player must have a console enabled (player must know & understand how to work on the console). This is a reliable choice. The reason is that a warmup is required. This command is simple and easy to learn if the player is not sure about ping speed. The following command is very effective. If a player has not have much idea, then they must check the console guide of CS: Go. By following this guide, a player will learn how to use the console command and end the warmup CS: GO.

Once the player opened the console, then he/she only require to type the following different commands into the console basically to end a warmup:

Command: mp_warmup_end

If the above command is taking more time than expected, it will be the optimal choice to limit the warmup time to ten seconds. This command is effective & safe choice. That’s why many gamers find this command a more effective and good choice than other commands.

If the player wants to shorten a warmup, instead of instantly skip this & go straight toward the game, use the following command (player can replace the SECONDS with the number of seconds to shorten it efficiently.

Command: mp_warmuptime SECONDS

In the CS: GO game, to alter a warmup duration, the below command is very reliable. The following command will shorten a warmup up to ten seconds. This command can be used to short the time period of warmup. 

Command: mp_warmuptime 10

Along with these commands, there are multiple more interesting and effective console commands. The player can use these commands to alter a warmup duration whatever they want in the Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive. The below command is easy & it directly impresses a player that is connected to the server.

Sometimes, player desire to end a warmup when the particular number of people have joined the game then following command will do a trick (it replaces the PLAYERS with number of players that require to join before the warmup ends:

Command: mp_endwarmup_player_count PLAYERS

When replacing the PLAYERS with a 5 will make a warmup end basically when five players have joined the server:

Command: mp_endwarmup_player_count 5

So, players can write multiple commands and end the warmup at different times. Thus, they must have knowledge and grip on console command. They used these commands in an efficient & effective way.

How to end warmup in csgo console

How do you end warmup in cs go (PC)

CS: GO game has the annoying time aspect of warmup. Though, sometimes it becomes teasing & annoying for players.  Different commands are used to end the warmup the CS: GO command:

  • mp_warmup_end
  • mp_warmuptime SECONDS
  • mp_warmuptime 10
  • mp_endwarmup_player_count PLAYERS
  • how to Stop warmup csgo 
  • mp_endwarmup_player_count 5

How to End/Skip Warmup in CS: GO Private Match

Before the start of each match, there is the warmup period in CS: GO. Several players use this warmup period to purchase the items, and several players utilize this time to mess and hang out with their close friends. This warmup period is the great buffer among games if few players require the toilet break.

In this article, we can learn how to end the warmup of CS: GO early or entirely skip this warmup period.  The optimal way to skip or end the warmup in the CS: GO is efficiently using the console commands. Developer Console is best for this purpose & enter the commands to skip or end the warmup in the CS: GO game.

Following commands can be used to end the warmup period of CS: GO;

Command: end-csgo-warmup

The warmup could last anything between 5 & 9999 seconds, and this is something that payer require to be capable of skipping it. Firstly, you require to make sure that the Developer Console is properly enabled. A player can learn how to enable the Developer Console by using the guideline.

Then, the player enters different commands as discussed above and can apply these commands. These commands also work when a player is playing the game offline by using the bots. The most used command is mp_warmup_end. The player can and easily end a warmup game.  These all commands will enter into Developer Console.


The conclusion drawn from the above discussion is that console commands are the optimal way to end the warmup period of CS: GO. Developer Console is the best tool to type these commands & use any commands that are discussed above. According to the requirement, players use different commands.

After reading this article, players will learn how to set a warmup timer efficiently. Players must check out several amazing CS: GO skins; thus, the player looks good when waiting for the warmup period to end. We also discuss different commands that help the player know how to end a warmup period of the CS: GO game. With that quick Guide, the player will be familiar with many simple and easy commands that help them end or skip the CS: GO games’ warmup period.

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