Can You Play (3DS, DS, Wii, GameCube) Games on the switch

With the pandemic hitting us like never before, now is the best time to invest in games that will help you kill your time. With other gaming consoles like an XBOX or a PS5 still in the market and killing people with their over-the-head prices, a Nintendo Switch is easily available, affordable, and offers some of the most top-rated games. Games that once made you go bonkers and are still pretty much in demand, for example, the Mario series or the Zelda series, should get you hooked no matter what.

There are many games suitable for every age available on the Nintendo Switch, making your lives much more bearable when the world is preparing for another lockdown. In this article, we help you list down some of the most wanted games that you can easily play on your Nintendo Switch Console.

Can You Play (3DS, DS, Wii, GameCube) Games on the switch

Which Nintendo Device Games You Can play On Switch

A Nintendo console is one handy device that has the ability to keep you busy throughout the day, especially if you are into games. Because of the innumerable games, it gets hard to figure out which game to play and which to leave out. Further below, we have listed down some of the hit games that people around the globe are playing. Continue reading the article to get an idea about the hits and misses of a Nintendo Switch.

Can you play Nintendo 3ds games on switch?

Can you play Nintendo 3ds games on switch?

Do you have any idea what are 3DS games? Well, to tell you straight up, 3DS games are an older version of the Nintendo handheld console. They had backward compatibility that could insert 3D cartridges that contained more games.

But the question of the hour here is can you play Nintendo 3ds games on Switch? You cannot.

Ever since the company revived itself, it made changes to its console’s both hardware and software setup. A Nintendo Switch now has smaller cards as opposed to the 3ds which stop you from playing the latter ones on your console.

Additionally, the Switch’s hardware is completely different and cannot possibly fit a 3ds. The console’s design itself is pretty different from each other. The Switch has a large 720p resolution whereas the 3ds has two screens that are put together for an enlarged portrait screen.

Internally, these two are poles apart and we don’t really think Nintendo will, in any way, go back to making bigger machines. The most important aspect for any company to include or exclude any modifications in their system is the cost. When Nintendo decided to sell the Switch for $300, they necessarily excluded all things that incurred more cost. Perhaps, this is one reason why they didn’t add a game port for a 3DS.

Lastly, a switch is far more powerful in terms of a 3DS. A switch easily produces 500 Gigaflops of power making the games run swiftly. A 3ds may slow down the Switch’s speed considerably.

Can you play Nintendo ds games on switch?

Can you play Nintendo DS games on switch?

Nintendo has been a huge hit among gamers ever since they launched themselves. Just like the buyers were confused about 3DS, they were also very curious about running the DS games on their consoles. Sadly, with newer technology and lesser investment, there was no chance for the company to integrate everything into their newly launched console. So playing 3DS and DS games was totally out of the question.

However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot play your DS games on your consoles. Intelligent Guys found out ways that let you play your favorite old games on the Switch. Although the company advises otherwise, you can use these ways to have fun with your pals on your saddest days.

What let’s do you play your old DS games on your latest bought Nintendo Switch? The short answer for this is custom homebrew. It is basically an app or emulator that lets you play DS and 3DS games on your Nintendo Switch. You just need to download the emulator first before taking any other action. But, downloading homebrew comes with its own sets of risks.

Since the parent Nintendo company does not allow you to play your old games on the Switch, they may as well ban you from misusing them. Hence, you must make sure to read all the necessary guidelines before downloading an emulator and follow those accordingly.

In short, you can definitely play your old DS games such as the Load Runner, Dragon Quest, Resident Evil, or Sim City if you download the emulator. This will make your life and your gaming experience worthwhile and you will be able to relive your old childhood memories once again.

Can You Play Nintendo Wii Games On Switch?

Can You Play Nintendo Wii Games On Switch?

Whether it’s a 3Ds, a DS, or a WII game, they all require some backward compatibility which the Nintendo Switch absolves itself of. The company had its buyers notified already that their Nintendo console will not be backward compatible to cater to the digital or physical games; in other words, 3DS, DS, or WII games.

Nintendo WII was launched in 2006 with some brilliantly done games. However, its success was short-lived. With so many other brands launching their own video games, Nintendo had to face a severe backlash and eventually stopped its WII production. The three main reasons for it were strong competition, new innovations in technology, and Nintendo’s failed attempt in does not stay up-to-date with the market trends.

No, you cannot play Nintendo WII games on your latest Switch like the other two modes of games. You can only play Switch games on your Nintendo Switch. The cartridges used in a WII game and the Switch are particularly different in size and modules. A WII has a physical disc whereas a Nintendo Switch has no disc drive, making it impossible to play disc-based WII games.

But there is a catch. Since Nintendo Switch has its own library, you may find a few of the WII games which are listed below:

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Pokken Tournament DX
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
  • New Mario Bros. U Deluxe
  • Splatoon 2
  • Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition
  • Bayonetta 2
  • Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker
  • Super Mario Maker 2
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Can You Play Nintendo GameCube Games on Switch?

Can You Play Nintendo GameCube Games on Switch?

Surely Intelligent Guys have a way of their own. With so many limitations attached to the Nintendo Switch, it was no wonder for the Intelligent Guys to play their role. You can now easily play Nintendo GameCube games on Switch, provided that you use ‘their way.’

When we say the term, ‘their way’, we mean that you need to jailbreak your Switch so as to enjoy all GameCube games. A jailbreak here refers to an installation of a Dolphin emulator. The Switch doesn’t allow you to play GameCube officially, but with the help of an emulator, you will be able to connect to your old favorites.

Of course, you will have to compromise on the speed and power when playing those games as the Dolphin is an optimized emulator. The Mario Sunshine, a super hit game of its time, has made its way to the Nintendo Switch, giving hopes to its buyers to access more GameCube games.

Let us talk about the GameCube games, which are already part of the Nintendo Switch, giving you the same joy and feel you ever wanted to have. Since these games can be accessed via a Tegra chip, you can easily run them on your console. This will also have no impact on their compatibility. Although GameCube was a major miss in terms of its sales, it still gave us games that are a big hit even in today’s generations. Some of them are MetroidFire EmblemSuper Smash Bros., and The Legend of Zelda. It was time Nintendo added these gems into its Switch library.


Owning a Nintendo Switch is both a style and necessity in today’s world. Not just because there is an ample number of games that will make your investment worth it but because of its portability. Gamers will have to agree that games on the Nintendo, any version, have never let them down. Be it the Nintendo library itself or the emulators that let you play all old wealth, you will find many games, both new and old that will keep you hooked for hours.

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