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8 Best Gaming Mouse Pad with Wrist support

Gaming mousepads are an excellent investment if you spend a lot of time on computers or play video games a lot. The mouse pad with wrist rest performs a similar function as the regular mouse pad. So, what’s the point that gamers use these ergonomic ones rather than regular ones? It is because not only do these mouse pads help you to focus on games, but they also give support to the wrist.

 Gamers use these to prevent wrist aches and carpal tunnel syndrome. The mousepads provide comfort to the wrist while working at your computer. It is an ergonomic way to keep your wrist healthy and reduce the symptoms of carpal tunnel.

These ergonomic mousepads are like regular ones, except these mouse pads have a gel-based or foam wrist rest support. Other than that, mouse pads help you to maintain pointer precision. They let you keep your wrist neutral and support the forearm. As your wrist remains in a natural position, stress to bones is prevented.

In addition to comfort, they also give a stylish look to your desktop. These mousepads come in a large variety. We have selected some best gaming mouse pads with Wrist rest support. Without wasting further time, here is the first product.

Gimars Mouse Pad Wrist Rest Support

1. Gimars Mouse Pad Wrist Rest Support

Large Smooth Superfine Fibre Memory Foam Ergonomic


  • Provides a large surface area because of its size
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Have flat odourless rubber-based surface, prevents sliding
  • It comes with anti-slide stickers


Affordable price

Deformation of memory foam doesn’t occur

It can be rolled up easily


Curling up occurs most of the time

Easily stained

Do you want to perform well when you play your favorite game? Then why not start with wrist rest mouse pads. Indeed the best mousepad named the “Gimars Ergonomic Mouse Pad” has a non-slip base. You can use it for laptops, computers, gaming, and office purposes. This mouse pad comes in different colors and designs too. It is made up of smooth and soft lycra fabric.

The fabric is soft enough to prevent skin irritation. Some mousepads are gel-based, which prevents sweating. This Gimars Memory Foam Ergonomic Mouse Pad does that function too. The breathable Lycra fabric keeps you comfortable and sweat-free. This memory foam mouse pad wrist rest will give you a relaxing experience.

Why you should buy this:

in brief, If you are into fast-paced gaming, this one will be a perfect fit for you. This Gimars mouse pad with wrist rest will also heal your wrist if you have had aches in the past.

J and G Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

2. J&G Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest

Eliminates Pains & Carpal Tunnel


  • Short in size
  • Reinforced edges prevent mouse falls
  • Anti-skid PU base


It comes with a 3-year warranty


Stitched edges so material won’t come out


It is not gel-based, so that sweating may occur.

If you are thinking of a small-sized ergonomic mouse pad, you can carry it with you. Then, this is the one for you! This Ergonomic Mouse Pad with Wrist Rest is made up of memory foam. further, It is outlined in a way that will reduce all your wrist pains. Furthermore, it provides you with the best gaming experience as well as helps you stay focused on your tasks.

 The foam material quickly bounces backs to its natural shape even after hours of usage. The base of this ergonomic mouse pad is an Anti-Skid PU base which doesn’t let the mouse pad move on your desktop. The overall experience with this ergonomic mouse pad will be best assured. You can work for hours with comfort, focused scrolling, and clicking. There will be no wrist aches or carpal tunnel symptoms.

Why you should buy this:

In sum, if you want a portable mouse pad wrist rest then go with this Ergonomic Mouse Pad. You should give this one a try because it comes with a warranty, so if any issue occurs, you can exchange it. Overall it is a good option.

Vornnex Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad

3. Vornnex Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad

Lightweight Rest


  • The circular shape makes it attractive
  • Memory foam has bounced back quality
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable texture


Non-Skid surface

1-year guarantee and refund

Durable for long term


Wrist support material is somewhat unpleasantly rough

Another the best cool and circular mouse pad give different vibes from the traditional square ones. Its work is not different from the others, but it can be considered. This wrist rest pad is made up of memory foam, providing you comfort and focus. It will bounce back to its actual shape when you are done because of memory foam material.

This Vornnex Ergonomic Memory Foam Mouse Pad is a good choice according to price. It gives an elegant look to your workspace. It has a non-skid rubber base, which offers heavy gird, so unwanted movements are avoided. Overall, it is the ergonomically best one so far.

Why you should buy this:

Overall, This Vornnex ergonomic mouse pad is our top pick because of its durability. It’s a good choice if you want a long-term mouse pad. Also, it has a one-year guarantee, so it will be safe if any problem occurs in the future.

Fellowes Photo Gel Mouse Pad and Wrist Rest

4. Fellowes Photo Gel Mouse Pad and Wrist Rest

With Microban Protection


  • Made up of gel-based material
  • Anti-microbial protection
  • Stylish looks make it more attractive
  • Small in size


Easy to clean

Unique design

It prevents sweating and keeps you dry


It doesn’t come with any warranty.

Here is another ideal gaming mouse pad that adds meaning to your gaming named “Fellowes Photo Gel Mouse Pad and Wrist Rest”. This is a little bit pricier, but it also has some extra benefits. It is made up of gel-based material, ensuring the wrist’s comfort. The best thing about this mouse pad is its Microban anti-microbial protection which keeps it cleaner.

It comes with stain-resistant wipes, which can be used with a damp cloth. The gel base keeps your wrist cool and comfy. The classic black and white design give your workspace a more elegant look. Also, the surface of this mouse pad is non-skid rubber-based, which prevents movements. Further, The price is also affordable concerning the profits this product is offering. So, yes, you can choose this one as your mouse partner too.

Why you should buy this:

Briefly, This black chevron mouse pad with the micro band is totally recommended because of its anti-microbial protection. If you are someone possessive about cleanliness, then this one is for you.

TECKNET Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest

5. TECKNET Mouse Pad With Wrist Rest

Non-Slip Rubber Base


  • Silk Material
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Combination of gel and memory foam
  • Cushion wrist support


The gel keeps you cool all the time

Rubbery base prevents movements

Cheaper than other mousepads

The silk texture provides good mouse tracking


Strong smell in the product at first

The size is smaller

The Tecknet Pad, recommended by Amazon’s editor for those who play gaming almost all day, is a great ergonomic mouse pad to add to your collection. The combination of memory foam and gel-based material keeps your wrist comfortable and dry. The gel base prevents sweating and keeps you cool. The edges are reinforced, which prevents deformation or any other damage.

The silk material covering ensures smooth movement. This Tecknet Ergonomic Gaming Office Mouse Pad has dual qualities as its best for gaming and office purposes. Choose from a variety of classic colors.

Why you should buy this:

This mouse pad by TeckNet is overall best for gaming. The customer reviews we heard are satisfying. Also, its silk texture helps in focused mouse tracking.

SenseAGE Standard Mousepad

6. SenseAGE Standard Mousepad

Ergonomic Mouse Mat with Non-Slip Base


  • The smooth, flexible fabric is used
  • Anti-slide property
  • Air mesh cloth and polyurethane is used
  • It comes in many colours


Classy simple design

Wrist support is thick and higher


Prevents sweating


For gaming purposes mostly customers are not happy

Who doesn’t want the ergonomically best mouse pad, which is eco-friendly too? This SenseAge Standard Mouse Pad is breathable and well ventilated due to its texture. The materials used in product formation are eco-friendly.

It gives a minimalistic and simple look to your desk. The sponge cushion provides maximum support to your wrist and forearm. The non-slip rubber base prevents mouse sliding. This mouse pad is handmade. It is more recommended to the ones having sensitive wrists. The cushion is too much soft and relieves any type of wrist pain. It is very lightweight and easy to carry with you wherever you go. The classic look is truly perfect for any place, either office or home.

Why you should buy this:

Does the environment make you conscious as a gamer and do you like eco-friendly purchases? Then this SenseAge standard mouse pad is the one for you. It gives a natural and simple look to your desk with eco-friendly properties.

LINGSFIRE Mouse Wrist Rest

7. LINGSFIRE Mouse Wrist Rest

Anti-skid With Memory Foam


  • Multifunctional as it can be used as keyboard wrist rest
  • Non-Skid Rubber base
  • Flat and smooth edges with double stacking
  • Lightweight and portable


It comes with money back warranty of 1 month

Reduces fatigue and aches

Dual functions


A sticking base doesn’t allow sliding.

This mousepad performs dual functions as it can be used before your mouse or before your keyboard. This LINGSFIRE Memory foam mouse wrist rest keeps your wrist relaxed in a neutral position, decreasing the chances of carpal tunnel. The pad is made up of silica gel and memory foam, making it durable and comfortable. This multifunctional mouse pad has a non-skid rubber base providing a heavy grip while preventing sliding. A gaming mouse pad like this can be an excellent option if you spend a lot of time gaming.

Why you should buy this:

Who doesn’t want multifunctional things for them? This can be an affordable purchase because it has two in one functions. You can use it for your mouse as well as keyboard. So why not consider this one?

Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad with Wrist

8. Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad with Wrist

Ergonomic Memory Foam Desk Cushion for Carpal Tunnel


  • Larger size
  • Elastic lycra and memory foam are used
  • Non-slip rubber surface
  • Pinpoint Mouse accuracy
  • Reinforced edges


Rebounds to its shape when not in use.

It can be used both by right- and left-handed people.

Plus point is keyboard wrist rest comes along with it.

Easy to clean up.


It doesn’t come with any warranty

Last but not least is this Everlasting Comfort Mouse Pad. This mouse pad comes with a keyboard wrist rest, unlike other brands. It helps you to reduce wrist stress without any extra support. Due to the curvature of both the mouse and keyboard pads, this keyboard and mouse allows for focused tracking. The fabric material is soft and breathable, which keeps your wrist dry. The base is non-sliding which doesn’t allow unusual movements. The Everlasting Comfort mouse pad is made up of memory foam which gives a comfortable experience to the user. The back has springs that help it come back in regular shape when not in use. The size is suitable for all types of mice and keyboards. The edges are reinforced that prevent snags or tears. The bright blue and black combination of colors gives a vibrant look to your gaming setup. In short, it will prove a good choice indeed.

Why you should buy this:

If you are a gamer and need a mouse pad that can help you in gaming, we will recommend this Everlasting comfort mouse pad. Along with that, its bright blue and black combination color gives a stylish look to your gaming studio.

Picking mouse pad with wrist rest

Picking mouse pad with wrist Rest:

There are a lot of varieties nowadays in the market for mouse pads with wrist rest. So, it is obvious you can get confused about which one is the best according to your need. So in this section, we will discuss some essential features a mouse pad with wrist rest should have.


The material or cloth used in the mouse pad is essential in determining its tracking and gildings. The smoother the surface is, the easier it is for the mouse to move above it. A smooth surface helps you better track and is suitable for fast-paced gaming.

Inside Texture

The memory foam used in the mousepads should be soft. The softness offers comfort to your wrist and prevents aches and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. In comparison, some mouse pads have gel-based material used inside them. The gel base keeps your wrist cool and prevents sweating. So if the mouse pad has both memory foam and gel-base, that would be a great choice to go for.

Surface Area

The surface area or the size decides how much you can move your mouse. For gaming purposes, larger mouse pads prove to be good.

Ergonomic support

The ergonomic mouse pads have wrist-rest support made over them. When you place your wrist above the mouse pad, the wrist rest act as a cushion. The cushion prevents stress on the wrist and forearm and promotes blood flow.

The memory foam is softer and provides comfort, but it will mould to the shape of your wrist over time. While gel-padded wrist rests are soft too and don’t mold.

Wrist Support Height

The height of wrist support is an important aspect to ponder over too. If your wrist is placed very low, it will strain your wrist, and chances of carpal tunnel are high. While on the other hand, if your wrist rest is too high, it will cause tiredness and fatigue to your wrist and forearm.

It is, of course, hard to decide the height, but wrist rest is approximately 1 “-1.2” inches deep.

Non-slip base

The base of your mouse pad should be non-slip. It will prevent unwanted movements. The rubber-based mousepads are good to choose from. There is another option too. Some mouse pads can stick to your desk and won’t remove until you peel them off. So the choice is yours which suits you best, go for that.

How to clean the mouse pad with wrist rest?

A Good mouse pad has the quality that it is stain resistant, but still, the accident happens, and it can get dirty. So below are some tips and methods to clean your mouse pad with wrist support.

By using detergents

This method is effective for wrist pads made up of memory foam. You don’t have to machine clean the pads, only wash with hands. First, vacuum the cover of the wrist pad as it will remove the dust. Then you can damp the stain and sprinkle some boric acid or hydrogen peroxide; these will remove the stubborn stains quickly. After that, make a detergent solution with water and spray it over the cover. Remember one thing; you do not have to soak the memory foam. After 10-15 minutes, dampen the wrist pad with clean water using a sponge and let it dry.

Disinfecting wipes

The disinfecting wipes can clean gel-based or leatherette wrist rest pads. You can buy these ready-to-use wipes, which help kill bacteria and other germs. Using disinfecting wipes is an effortless and effective way to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are mouse pads with wrist rest are good or bad?

The mousepads with wrist rest are good to use; just be careful about the choice you make.

Mousepads with wrist rest help with carpal tunnel?

Of course! The ergonomic mouse pads support your wrist and forearm, which reduces the chances of carpal tunnel.

Which type of mouse pads with wrist rest are good?

If we compare memory foam mouse pads and gel-based mousepads, gel-based are better. The gel-based mouse pads provide comfort and support; along with that, it keeps you cool and dry.

Is it a good idea to use wrist rest mouse pads for gaming?

It depends on you, but wrist rest isn’t bad. It gives support to your wrist and prevents strains. The problem occurs when your wrist rest pad is too high or too much low; obviously, that will be cause aches. Using wrist rest is fine, but make sure you put your hand’s heel on the wrist rest pad, not the knee of your wrist. The average angle is between 10° – 15°, which you can set your wrist at. Below 10° or above 15° can result in strain and aches. You should determine what good posture is, and then design your ergonomic setup accordingly.


In conclusion, the whole concept of ergonomic wrist rest mouse pads. If you are a gamer and spend most of your time in front of your desktop, wrist rest is necessary. Our body needs a support system too. We have mentioned everything related to mouse pads with wrist rest above. You need to ensure that the product you choose is suitable for your needs, and that’s all. The products mentioned above will give your wrist and arm great comfort, as you can enjoy your gaming for long hours.

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