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The 9 Best Gaming Motherboards For i5 6500 in 2023

Searching for a motherboard? Well, then you have landed in the right place. Choosing a reliable motherboard for your setups, be it your PC or any other device such as the security systems, is not easy.

Gaming motherboards are slightly different from regular motherboards, but it is often interpreted that gaming motherboards are only for the gaming PC. Well, it is not true. One can have a gaming motherboard to make some more devices or to increase the performance of some.

In this article, we will solely explain to you the best gaming motherboards which are super-efficient and compatible with the intel core i5 6500 processor. It is not like that there are gaming motherboards that are only designed for this processor. The ones we have reviewed here are compatible with other processors too because that’s how they come. So don’t get confused.

If a motherboard is compatible with core i9 or i8, then chances are that it would be suitable for the intel core i5 too. So that is how we choose a reliable and suitable motherboard for our processor. But this is not it.

To select an ideal gaming motherboard for i5 6500 processor, you need to consider a few salient features too. Before we share with you some reviews it would be better that we also give you an idea about which features of a gaming motherboard should be checked before buying. So that you may be able to discern the quality and efficiency of each motherboard.

9 Best Gaming Motherboards for i5 6500

best motherboard for i5 6500
1. MSI Z390-A PRO LGA1151 Motherboard
2. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Motherboard
3. GIGABYTE Z390 Gaming Motherboard
4. GIGABYTE Z390 UD Motherboard
5. GIGABYTE B365M DS3H Motherboard
6. ASUS Prime Z390-A Motherboard
7. ASUS PRIME B360M-A Motherboard
8. ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming (Wi-Fi)
9. ASRock H310CM-HDV Motherboard
How to Choose a Gaming Motherboard - Buyer Guide

What to look for in a Gaming Motherboard

Well, it is not a hard nut to crack. As most of the motherboards have the same general features, there might be some with some extra ones, but they would be considered as a plus, not the necessary features. You must consider the following features before buying a motherboard.


Fortunately, there are only a few famous and reliable gaming motherboard manufacturers. The famous ones are ASUS and Gigabyte. In each region, there would be some others too. For a sound choice we will suggest you choose a reliable manufacturer and by reliable we mean the one with amazing tech support.

Socket or CPU

The socket of a motherboard would decide which processor will be compatible with it. If you are not paying heed to it, then you might end up having a motherboard that will not cater to your needs. The ideal ones for core i5 6500 are LGA 1151 and others from the same series. However, if you find a socket that is new to you, it would be better to conduct research about that socket before buying the motherboard.


By form factor, we mean the designs and the wired structure of the motherboard. There are three to four types of form factors of motherboards. The standard one is the ATX. It is a bit bigger than the rest, and a professional can easily set it up. For the core i5 6500 the ideal form factors are the ATX and micro ATX.


If you want a powerful motherboard that gives you fast performance, then it is necessary to choose a chipset that can connect all the storage devices and the CPU together. The best chipsets for the Core i5 would be the Z-series as they come with all the necessary connections both for the regular and gaming setups.

Memory speed

The higher the memory speed of a motherboard the faster the setup would be. If you wish to run a gaming PC or a security camera system that must keep you updated, then it is necessary to go for almost 4000MHz speed.


SATA ports are important if you wish to have an expandable and upgradeable system. The ideal SATA ports number is four, But The number is usually 6 on some advanced motherboards.

Best Gaming Motherboard For i5 6500

Motherboards For i5 6500: 9 Best picks

The following is our review of a motherboards compatible with the i5 6500 Processor.

1. MSI Z390-A Pro Gaming Motherboard

MSI Z390-A Pro Gaming Motherboard


Brand: MSI | Memory : 4/64 GB | Boost Clock: 4400 MHz | CPU Socket: LGA 1151 | Dimensions: ‎12 x 9.6 x 1.2 inches

When we consider a gaming motherboard for the i5 6500; we often come up with an imagination of a standard motherboard form factor. Fortunately, this one comes in exactly the imagined shape that is ATX Z390. According to PC developers, this was designed for as high as 9th generation Intel processors. So it would be safe to take it as an ideal motherboard for i5 6500 too.

As far as the processor jacket is concerned, it is also safer than the one you would usually get for a sixth-generation processor. It is built with LGA 1151 for the processors. So you do not need to worry about how much power the gaming processor would need, it will be enough for the i5 6500 cores.

To provide an and ample amount of air, and keep the entire setup cool, it comes with an advanced cooling system. It has an extended heat sink, it has a voltage regulator module too so that whenever the motherboard or processors’ performance gets affected as a result of high performance, it can keep the normal temperatures.

Another amazing thing is the core circuits. Many times people complain that they ended up buying a motherboard that would not allow the processor to work at its boost level; it would not be the case here.

It comes with all the required ports, from USB, PlayStation, and display ports. So that you can set up an ideal gaming PC with this motherboard. It provides unrestricted current to the CPU; thus, you get to enjoy the best performance.


  • Easy to set up and connect.
  • Ideal for gaming setups, as it has an amazing audio section for the best sound quality.
  • Ideal for larger graphic cards.
  • Has all the necessary ports.
  • ATX form factor for standard use.


  • The packaging is really poor, which can damage the main motherboard.

2. ASUS Prime Z390 Motherboard

ASUS Prime Z390 Motherboard


Brand: ASUS | Memory : 4/32 GB | Boost Clock: 2400 MHz | CPU Socket: LGA 1151 | Dimensions: ‎‎12.91 x 2.68 x 10.35 inches

If you wish to get a powerful motherboard that can be used to upgrade, then the Z390 motherboards are the best ones. Even though we checked it with the i5, you can still go a few steps up with this amazing gaming motherboard.

Suppose you are building a gaming PC with heavy features, then you will require a motherboard that has an inbuilt and automatic voltage control feature. Along with it, this smart motherboard offers thermal telemetry too, together these features make it a durable and long-lasting motherboard for Intel i5 processors.

As it is an Asus gaming motherboard, then how can we forget about its amazing optimization It comes with a five-way optimization; which is essential for any processor that would work for a gaming or business PC. This five-way optimization is for increased overclocking and speed so that one can get the best performance results for the Intel i5 processors. Many people tend to set it themselves manually, but mind you that AI optimization often takes days. However, with this motherboard, it will no longer be an issue.

Connectivity is also on point. It has the 4 x PCI express 3.0 bandwidth; which will be compatible with 32GB RAM. Next, the USB ports are also according to the current standards. So you can connect whatever USB you need to set up the PC.

For increased performance, it also comes with the Optimum ll that would create a fast setup that can store data and transfer it without any delay.

Another important thing, which is often overlooked in motherboards, is the cooling system. The main thing which makes it different from the available motherboards when it comes to temperature control is the design. It would not heat up as much as the ordinary motherboards.

Additionally, it has the Fan Xpert 4 which would help you map the temperature of the motherboard. So that you can have complete control of your PC.


  • Built-in RGB lights for aesthetically appealing motherboards.
  • Durable construction and long lasting motherboard.
  • It is also compatible with other processors.
  • Amazing BIOS setup; so that you can set the entire PC according to your needs.
  • Ideal for the beginners.


  • Only works with windows 10.

GIGABYTE B365M DS3H – Micro ATX Motherboard

GIGABYTE B365M DS3H Gaming Motherboard


Brand: Gigabyte | Memory : 4/64 GB | Boost Clock: 2666 MHz | CPU Socket: LGA 1151 | Dimensions: ‎‎‎10.43 x 10.43 x 2.12 inches

It is a micro ATX motherboard, so if you feel that you are trying to set up a PC that would be used with a lot of extra sub-devices too; then it is an ideal motherboard for you. Moreover, it comes with a non-ECC RAM slot, so that you can work faster than you might do with an ECC RAM. You can go as high as 64GB with this motherboard. It comes with four memory slots; so that you can change the RAM size whenever needed.

Coming towards the core socket, that is the CPU socket. So it is a fine one that can go as far as intel core i8. So using Core i5 6500 would not be an issue. You can easily put the intel i5 6500 processor in the LGA 1151 processor. It supports a clock speed of almost 3.5 GHz and more.

Next, it comes with the F5 BIOS version, which makes it super easy to set up and control. Even beginners can have this motherboard for their system. Additionally, it comes with a manual and you can always learn a few tips from there if you feel stuck.


  • Enough SATA connectors.
  • PMW circuit design with hybrid technology.
  • Compatible with multiple types of Windows.
  • Small in size, and portable.
  • Ideal for beginners.


  • There is no display on the motherboard.

MSI MPG Z390 Gaming edge Motherboard

MSI MPG Z390 Gaming edge Motherboard


Brand: MSI | Memory : 4/64 GB | Boost Clock: 4400 MHz | CPU Socket: LGA 1151 | Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎12 x 9.6 x 1.2 inches

This one is a multi-purpose motherboard that can be used for different types of devices. You can either build a laptop or a computer with it. It has an 1151 LGA socket; which is ideal for intel i5 and other cores.

One thing which makes it different from other motherboards is the amazing color user interface. In most cases, there are only a few colors, but here it comes with 29 effects and almost 16 million colors.

To keep it performing at the optimum level it comes with a VRM design for the heat sink. It has extended heat sinks that would let more airflow inside the motherboard and over it.

You can connect this motherboard with all types of connections be it wifi, wireless, or LAN. it comes with all the necessary ports. So if you want to create a new device, that would have all the amazing ports, then it would be an ideal motherboard.

For storage and data holding it comes with the Twin turbo 3x M.2 slots; then it has 6 SATA connections to enable users to create something powerful.

As far as the audio is concerned it comes with the optimum 8 CH 7.1 audio; it will be enough for a gaming PC. Additionally, it has the DDR4 boost RAM, isolated circuits, and optimized traces.

For graphic cards, it has 4 PCIe 3.0 x 16 slots. Which would be more than enough for a setup designed for beginners, and even for professionals.


  • It offers multiple connections.
  • Easy to connect and handle ATX form factor.
  • A maximum number of USB ports to enhance the performance of the setup.
  • Compatible with different Intel and AMD processors.
  • Offers both WIFI and ethernet connections.
  • Construction is very durable and long-lasting.


  • Maintenance is a bit difficult.

GigaByte z390 AORUS Pro – ATX Motherboard For i5 6500

GigaByte z390 AORUS Pro - ATX Motherboard For i5 6500


Brand: Gigabyte | Memory : 4/64 GB | Boost Clock: 4400 MHz | CPU Socket: LGA 1151 | Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎‎13.18 x 10.62 x 3.14 inches

It is an all-rounder, thanks to its compatibility with platinum, and Celeron processors. It would be a Good motherboard for an i5 6500 processor, as it comes with an LGA 1151 switch. Thus, it would be simple and easy to place the i5 6500 processor in this motherboard.

Next, it comes with a dual-channel DDR4 RAM slot. So that you can enhance the performance of your setup pretty easily. Along with it, there are 4 DIMM areas, enabling users to get higher RAM.

To give you a perfect visual and graphic display, and connect graphic card it has a 3 x PCIe 3.0 x 1 and only one PCIe 3.0 X 16.

Furthermore, to make it an ideal motherboard, where you can connect every device without worrying about the temperature. It comes with digital VRM solutions, along with DrMOS thermal design. Which is in fact an amazing cooling system for any gaming motherboard.

Then again with the M.2, it has thermal guards. It is all because the manufacturers have designed this motherboard, especially for gaming.

If you are thinking of upgrading the system, and do not want to damage the delicate connections of the motherboard; then it should be the one you choose. It comes with the AORUS 360 Armor for increased durability.


  • Ideal for fast performance.
  • Can be used for advanced and robust performance.
  • It has multiple temperature sensors.
  • Ideal for a bigger setup.
  • It comes with a magnetic antenna for stronger WIFI connections.
  • Durable structure, and long lasting motherboard.
  • It comes with temperature sensors.


  • The BIOS is a bit difficult to use and operate.

ASUS Prime B360M-A – mATX LGA-1151 Motherboard

ASUS Prime B360M-A - mATX LGA-1151 Motherboard


Brand: ASUS | Memory : 4/64 GB | Boost Clock: 2133 MHz | CPU Socket: LGA 1151 | Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎‎‎9.6 x 2.03 x 8.1 inches

If you are a beginner and want to upgrade your computer system with amazing processors like the intel core i5 6500. Asus has designed this one for all. If you have never built a PC. and want to try it for the first time, then we would advise going with this one.

As far as the price is concerned, it would be counted as the affordable one.

Now coming towards the form factor; it is a micro ATX motherboard, which would be an easier to set up motherboard than the simple ATX. Moreover, micro ATX  Form factors mean that it is a lightweight device; so there will be no issues if ever you feel like changing the position of your CPU.

Now coming towards the processor socket; it has the LGA 1151 socket, which would mean that you can connect your desired processors, which includes core i5 and i8.

When we say that it is an ideal motherboard for beginners, we mean that the construction is super sturdy. It has been crafted with 5 times protection III designs; which makes it a durable and long-lasting motherboard.

Another amazing feature, which you might not get in this price range is the cooling system. This very motherboard comes with Fan Xpert 2+ technology, it would be enough for a motherboard like this.

Next, it has six SATA ports. You can connect as many memory and storage devices as you won’t usually enough, and a beginner would rely on four only. But in case, you wish to expand the system then the extra two ports would be a pro feature for you.


  • Bang for the bucks.
  • Comes with a lot of SATA ports.
  • Expandable system with this motherboard.
  • Ideal for personal and business PCs too.


  •   Poor tech support.

ASUS TUF Z390 Plus Wifi Gaming Motherboard

ASUS TUF Z390 Plus Wifi Gaming Motherboard


Brand: ASUS | Memory : 4/64 GB | Boost Clock: 1000 MHz | CPU Socket: LGA 1151 | Dimensions: ‎12.91 x 2.09 x 10.34 inches

Asus has always been making some amazing motherboards, particularly the gaming ones. The TUF series is indeed the best among those. Here the reason why we included the TUF Z390 in this is its compatibility with the Core i9 too.

Even though our main concern here is the Core i5 6500, in case you want to upgrade the system; then this motherboard would be enough for that too.

One amazing feature which enhances the performance of this motherboard is the ability of M.2 ports. Each M.2 connects with only a single SATA port; thus, you would be using more of the SATA ports. It comes with a total of six SATA ports.

Moreover, it has two M.2 connections, those who would use both will still get three to four SATA ports to increase the performance and ability of their system.

As this motherboard is designed to handle heavy devices; thus, it was essential for the manufacturers to create it with a robust cooling system. Which they did rightfully so; it comes with the gamer’s guardian FanXpert 4 technology. It works with the help of multiple sensors integrated into the motherboard. One can easily configure and control this amazing cooling system with the easy-to-use BIOS.


  • Increased performance, and output.
  • Reliable construction and sturdy designs.
  • The 8 CH audio setup makes it an ideal motherboard for the gaming setups.
  • Increased signal deliverance.
  • Ideal for robust Graphic cards.
  • Compatible with advanced CPU and PC.


  • Some CPU pins are bent.

GigaByte Z390 UD – ATX Intel Motherboard

GigaByte Z390 UD - ATX Intel Motherboard


Brand: Gigabyte | Memory : 4/128 GB | Boost Clock: 4400 MHz | CPU Socket: LGA 1151 | Dimensions: ‎12.79 x 10.23 x 2.75 inches

It is a uniquely designed motherboard with lowered RDs. It is designed to save more power, and give extra performance. You might not get such motherboards in this price range. If you are worried about the electricity bills, then choosing such a motherboard for your system, be it your security camera or computer, would be an ideal thing to do.

As far as the speed is concerned it is offering a 4400 MHz and beyond speed for your system. You cannot go wrong with such a powerful motherboard.

For gamers, it is also an amazing option. As you will get to enjoy the 2-Way crossfire multi graphics. It uses the AMD crossfire technology which would be a plus for anyone using a setup with an intel core i5 6500 processor.

To keep this entry system cool, it has the standard VRM structure. Along with it, the lowered RDs will make it less hot, and thus, you can connect heavy devices and graphic cards with this motherboard without affecting its performance.

For assurance that it does not get hot while working in full bloom; they have installed the smart fan 5; which is fully configurable too.

Lastly, for the graphics and storage, it has the 4x PCIe 3.0 connectors. Which is fine for both the professionals and someone who has just started. As far as the compatibility is concerned, you can easily set it up with all the platinum and Celeron Intel processors as it comes with the LGA 1151 core switch.


  • Durable motherboard with ultra durable armor.
  • No power supply issues thanks to the solid pin design.
  • Easy to use BIOS.
  • Amazing customer care.
  • Hybrid fans and configurable cooling system.
  • Ideal for everyday use too.


  • No USB C port.

ASRock H310CM-HDV Motherboard

ASRock H310CM-HDV Motherboard


Brand: Gigabyte | Memory : 2/32 GB | Boost Clock: 2400 MHz | CPU Socket: LGA 1151 | Dimensions: ‎10.8 x 8.3 x 2.3 inches

It is a sturdy one. The PCB is made up of special sapphire metal so that it can bear any type of addiction. Then it has the high-density glass fiber of the PCB. one might not be able to see it live, as it is some micro-level work, but as far as the durability is concerned it would be the motherboard to choose.

It can support a CPU for up to 95W; which is a clear indication that it is here for the powerful processors too, like the core i9 and i8. Thus, using Core i5 6500 would be very convenient with this motherboard.

Then the intel chipset is also super fast and will affect the performance of your device incredibly. It comes with the Intel H310 chipset, and that is very difficult to get in this price range. So it would be a bang for the bucks.

If you are tired of having a motherboard that offers no power control; then it can be the one for you. As it has a four-phase power configuration. It comes with a dual-channel DDR4 slot, and you can go as high as 32GB RAM with it.

Then it comes with four SATA slots. Making it an overall nice choice for all kinds of devices that require a gaming motherboard.


  • Sturdy and durable design.
  •  Lightweight micro ATX motherboard.
  • Has all the necessary USB and HDMI ports.
  • Provides up to 60fps.
  • Fast performance with non-ECC RAM slots.
  • It supports intel turbo boost.
  • Easy installation.


  • BIOS is a bit tricky.

Frequently asked questions about motherboards that support i5

Frequently asked questions

Which is the best budget motherboard for i5 6500?

The best budget motherboard for i5 6500 would be ASUS Prime B360M-A. It has all the necessary features which will complement this processor.

What motherboards are compatible with the i5 6500?

In terms of sockets and CPU, the motherboards with LGA 1151 sockets are the most compatible with the i5 6500. Other than that, there are no options for i5 6500 processors.


Choosing a reliable gaming motherboard demands a bit of research. You cannot go out or search online for something cool, and use it. These are technical devices, and without calculation or expert options you can go wrong and waste money. The core i5 6500 processors are suitable for different types of setups, and therefore, only specially designed motherboards would be suitable for them.

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