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Best Gaming Mice For High CPS 2023

Is it your hobby to play games for a couple of hours in your leisure time? If you are a professional player, we can understand how keenly you are interested in playing PC games. To have a smooth and comfortable experience, the first thing that you need to get is the best high CPS gaming mouse.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you like to level up the optical sensor or wires; there is nothing that can beat the comfort of a professional gaming mouse. The mouse and keyboard are the two components of the computer that take the top awards, according to the latest research findings.

Primarily, all types of mice are available, from lightweight to heavy, affordable to expensive, wired or wireless, and many more. In this regard, it is not wrong to say that it all depends on your preferences which mice you find more suitable. For this reason, we have come up with a complete list of gaming mice that are cost-effective and can fit any hand size.

Where I check my CPS:

For checking the CPS of any mouse, First You Need to search on google “Mouse Click Speed Test” or visit clickspeedtest, Then the second step is to Click the On Count Button. Once you have done that, you need to make sure that the CPS is visible so you can count the CPS. In this way, the gamers can easily justify the total COS they click while playing the PC games. 

Why gamers need a high CPS mouse:

Pressingly, several situations come when you could not see any improvement in the game’s response. Moreover, the practice doesn’t work well. So, to avoid all the complications and errors, a high CPS mouse is the need of every gamer. It is not wrong to say that it is very difficult to choose the one that can meet your requirements. But once you find a perfectly suitable one, there is nothing that can stop you from experiencing gaming sessions with great comfort.

Well, you can pick these mice for playing all PC games. To save your research time, all you have to do is read this article for a better understanding. Now let’s review the top 8 options in the competitive market.

Logitech G502 Wired gaming mouse

1. Logitech G502 Hero Wired

Value For Money


Brand: LogiTech | CPS: 100+ | DPI: 25,600 | Interface: USB | Weight: 121.903 grams | IPS: 400+ | Senor: Hero 25K | Total Buttons: 11 Programmable | Ergonomics: Right Hand


The construction design is unique

DPI range is truly impressive

Highly programmable

Gives precise and accurate clicking


Not a good option for claw grip users

Do you want to invest in a mouse that comes with the highest CPS rate? Well, we are sure that most gamers are searching for such an incredible One. So, we are here a complete review of the Logitech G502 Hero that can make the highest Click Per Second. Here, the 100+ CPS rate makes it one of the most demanding mice of the present time.

According to the international testing, the Logitech G502 Hero is perfectly capable of making 50 million clicks, and that is truly surprising. Here, the reason is that you can easily set the DPI range from 200 – 25,000 anywhere. In this manner, you can make the most out of this gaming mouse. Besides this, when the point comes to surface tuning calibration, let’s add that it comes with an optical sensor, which works better than the Normal Mouse with a laser.

However, the most interesting thing about this sensor is that you can use it over any surface and enjoy better results. On the contrary, the customization settings will surely win your heart. For instance, as the processor of this mouse is 32-bit RAM, it allows you to use Multiple programming side buttons to deliver you a better gaming experience.

Bottom line:

As you know that Logitech g520 hero is made for hyper-fast scrolling, so it is a great option for all professional gamers. We are sure that you will enjoy precise and accurate clicking results.

Bloody Optical Gaming Mouse a70

2. Bloody Fully Programmable Optical Mouse

Fastest Response Speed clicks


Brand: Bloody | CPS: 38+ short & 99+ Long Dragging | DPI: 6200 | Interface: Infrared | Weight: 141.748 grams | IPS: 60~160 | Senor: Optical Engine | Total Buttons: 8


3 shooting modes on the left button

Makes no double clicks

The click response is the fastest

Comes with 16-grade technology


A bit pricey

Have you ever used a gaming mouse that comes with an innovative LK technology that results in brilliant lightning? If still not, then it’s a perfect time to invest your money in Bloody Fully Programmable Optical. Just like the name, the design is also bloody. In this way, it will surely rock your gaming experience. Moreover, the clicking response is also good, and you can use it for a long time.

According to our testing, it offers 38+ CPS for short dragging and almost 99+ CPS for long dragging. The noise can perfectly perform a 0.2ms light speed response without making any noise. Due to this reason, you can make almost 20 million clicks with That one. Here, 0.2ms Response Clicks speed is the world’s fastest record. Besides this, the system allows 5 different adjustable settings of the resolutions. 

On the contrary, the construction is very smooth and flexible. So, both left-handers and right-handers can use it. Mainly, it is easy to carry for medium-sized hands. However, the weight and dimensions are the important things that ensure the portability of any product. Here, the whole weight of this product is 5 ounces only, and the dimensions are 4.8 × 1.63 × 3.03 inches.

Bottom line:

Pressingly, the major reason to buy this Bloody mouse is the exceptional clicking response. Although you need a good budget to afford one, there is no reason to miss this top-notch and precise.

Razer Death Adder Essential

3. Razer Death Adder Essential

Best Comfortable Gaming Mouse


Brand: Razer | CPS: 16+ | DPI: 6400 | Interface: USB | Weight: 121.903 grams | IPS: 220 | Senor: Optical | Total Buttons: 5


Supports almost 10 million clicks

Very lightweight and durable

Delivers intense gaming sessions

Provides a comfortable fit to hands


Wrong placement of DPI buttons

Are you willing to buy a precise and accurate mouse, but you have a low budget to buy the mouse of your choice? If yes, then it’s not a problem anymore. Here, Razer Death Adder Essential is waiting to go to its new home. As the price point is low, several features couldn’t meet the requirements of the professionals. In this regard, it is an ideal pick for beginners who want to polish their gaming abilities.

First of all, the 15+ Click Per Second rate allows you to make fast and accurate swipes. Thereby, you can have greater control over fulfilling the essential needs of the games. Besides this, the optical s3bsor allows you to adjust the DPI range from 100 to 6400 DPI. In addition to this, the total lifespan is almost 10 million clicks, which delivers extreme reliability.

The ergonomic design and durable construction are its biggest selling points. Here, the ergonomic design allows you to enjoy long gaming sessions without feeling any pain in your fingers or hands. In short, for extended hours of gaming, we truly suggest you pick this mouse. Besides this, the maximum weight is 4.3 ounces with dimensions of 5.01 × 2.86 × 1.69 inches. Above all, the mouse comes with a limited warranty of 2 years.

Bottom line:

Before buying any product, you must check the warranty card. As this mouse comes with a limited warranty, this aspect ensures the versatility of the mouse. In short, you must give a try to this affordable mouse.

Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse

4. Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse


Brand: Glorious | CPS: 20+ | DPI: 12,000 | Interface: USB Cable | Weight: 68.0389 grams | IPS: 250+ | Senor: Pixart® PMW-3360 | Total Buttons: 6


Comes with a warranty of 2 years

6 buttons with macro support

The cable is flexible

Ideal for medium and large hands


Expensive as compared to competitors

Do you still search for a mouse that comes with the lightest RGB? In case if you are looking for such a portable mouse, then Glorious Model O is made only for you. Mainly, this model O is popular as the world’s lightest RGB gaming mice, which delivers maximum strength and comfort to gamers. In this manner, it is not wrong to say that you can easily enjoy intense gaming sessions with this mouse.

On the contrary, the upper body of the mouse is designed with holes, and many users are confused about this design. Well, our deep analysis strongly recommends that these holes provide maximum ventilation to deliver strength to your palms. Thereby, the mouse keeps your palms and fingers fresh all the time. However, the design of the hole captures more dust, so you need to be careful about cleaning this mouse daily.

Here, the mouse comes with a maximum DPI range of 12,000, which results in fast clicking results. With this mouse, you can make almost 20+ clicks per second. Besides this, the 6 programmable buttons and 6 adjustable settings of DPI allow you to enjoy long gaming sessions with great comfort and accuracy. Lastly, the total weight of this model is 2.4 ounces only, and dimensions are 5.04 × 2.6 × 1.48 inches.

Bottom line:

Just like the performance, the ergonomic design and construction will surely capture your heart at the very first look. Thereby, we are sure that you will never regret buying this versatile mouse.

Redragon M601 Wired mouse

5. Redragon M601 Wired with Red Led


Brand: Redragon | CPS: 29+ | DPI: 3200 | Interface: USB Cable | Weight: 141.748 | IPS: 60 | Senor: Advanced Optical | Total Buttons: 6


Supports Windows 10, 8, 7

Offers ultimate gaming control

The price point is reasonable

Elegantly comfortable design


The DPI range is very less

How can we forget Redragon M601 Wired while talking about the best gaming mouse for the High CPS of the present time? Pressingly, there is not any reason to miss it because the price tag is truly affordable with decent quality. To start from the construction point, let’s add that the soft-touch coating adds convenience to your experience.

Besides this, the soft coating allows for a strong grip, and it will never slip from your hands. This way, you will have a great gaming experience. However, the DPI range should be improved because it can cause trouble while playing graphics games. Although the 2000 DPI range is not optimal, we can consider it appropriate for several games.

On the contrary, the Click Per Second rate is very good, and the mouse allows you to make 28+ clicks in a few seconds only. Additionally, the polling rate is 1000 Hz, which works wonders in delivering accurate and fast targeting to the game. The braided fiber cable of 6ft also comes with the box. Above all, the overall weight of this Redragon M601 is 5 ounces, and the dimensions are 4.7 × 1.5 × 2.8 inches.

Bottom line:

In short, the major reason to invest your money in it is the good CPS rate. With Redragon M601 you can click 28+ times if you are a programmer. That’s why giving a try to this mouse is a great idea.

ROCCAT Kain 100 High Cps Mouse

6. ROCCAT Kain 100


Brand: ROCCAT | CPS: 14-28 Short & 64+ Long Dragging | DPI: 8,500 | Interface: USB Cable | Weight: 89 Gram | IPS: 300 | Senor: Optical | Total Buttons: 5


The firmware is intelligent

Gives exceptional precision

Comes with exceptional tracking capabilities

Offers 24 different functions


Very expensive

To start talking about ROCCAT Kain 100 let’s add that you can buy this mouse only if you have an extra budget. before buying, you must maintain the minimum budget under $110. On the other side, it comes with almost 24 programmable buttons with a specific thumb area. That’s why we consider it a versatile and comprehensive mouse of the present time.

In addition, the DPI range is high. So, you can adjust it to any point with 16,000 DPI. Moreover, 24 programming buttons allow you to enjoy 24 different functions. Besides this, it has a Roccat Owl-Eye sensor that is completely adjustable. ROCCAT Kain 100 is characterized with sharp and brilliant accuracy results with this adjustable sensor.

For short dragging, the most allow making CPS from 14 to 28. On the other side, the mouse allows you to make 65+ CPS for long and maximum dragging. In this way, the mouse’s targeting response is much faster than the regular gaming mice. The ergonomic design makes it easy to grab for small, medium, and large hands. The weight is 3.14 ounces, and the dimensions are 2.52 × 4.88 × 1.69 inches.

Bottom Line:

So This Gaming Mouse is Worth it, Although it is very pricey, we are sure that you can never enjoy such amazing features in any other mouse. For having a wonderful and smooth gaming session, we truly recommend you to buy this ROCCAT Kain 100.

ROCCAT Kain 120 Gaming Mouse

7. ROCCAT Kain 120


Brand: ROCCAT | CPS: 22+ Short & 48+ Long Dragging | DPI: 16,000 | Interface: USB Cable | Weight: 89 Gram | IPS: 400 | Senor: Optical | Total Buttons: 6


The shape and size are ergonomic

An ideal choice for small-sized hands

The targeting results are impressive

Comfortable and supportive


It doesn’t come with any warranty card

Are you facing the problems of high tolerance with your mouse? If yes, you need to replace it as soon as possible because h8gh tolerance can also damage the system. For this, we truly suggest you pick ROCCAT Kain 120. it comes with a low tolerance spring that fastens every click you made. Thereby, you can enjoy exceptional precision and accuracy.

Pressingly, the mouse is the top choice of many games because the CPS rate is very fast and helpful. For instance, you can easily make almost 22+ CPS if you use the mouse for short dragging. However, you can easily make a maximum CPS rate of 65 clicks for long dragging.

Here, the improved design and solid wheel construction offer a strong grip on your hands. Thereby, the mouse will never slip from your palm while playing the gaming sessions. Mainly, it is very easy to carry for small and medium-sized hands. On the other hand, the ROCCAT Kain 120 delivers 8ms faster clicks than the traditional ones. Lastly, the maximum weight of this product is 3.14 ounces with dimensions of 4.88 × 2.56 × 1.69 inches.

Bottom line:

Due to this mouse’s amazing features and specifications, it is standing on the list of best gaming mice for high CPS. There is no reason to miss ROCCAT Kain 120 for your professional use in this sense.

Razer Viper Mini Ultralight Gaming Mouse

8. Razer Viper Mini Ultralight


Brand: Razer | CPS: 20+ | DPI: 8500 | Interface: USB Cable | Weight: 86 Gram | IPS: 300 | Senor: Optical | Total Buttons: 6


Comes with 6 programmable buttons

Very lightweight and fast

Uses light beam based actuation

All the settings are adjustable


Problems with scroll wheel clicking

Have you ever seen an ultra-light and ultra-fast gaming mouse for your PC games? Such mice are not routinely found on the market. That’s why we are here with such an amazing option of Razer Viper Mini, which is smaller in size. According to the latest research, it’s the lightest among all other options.

In this way, you can easily control all the functions with great ease. Moreover, an 8500 DPI sensor is present in the Razer Viper Mini, which improves the targeting response all the time. Here, this wired mouse’s switches are perfectly capable of making 50 million clicks during the whole lifespan. Isn’t it surprising? It is very surprising because you can never get such an exceptional mouse at a reasonable price tag.

Thereby, Razer Viper Mini is perfectly capable of making almost 19+ clicks in one second. Furthermore, the lighting system is very good, and it allows you to enjoy several presents. According to our analysis, the mouse switches perform several times faster than the traditional ones. On the other side, the total weight of the Razer Viper Mini is 3.04 ounces only with dimensions of 4.66 × 2.42 × 1.51 inches.

Bottom line:

It is very mini, so it is not made for palm grip users. Moreover, the fast clicking speed and exceptional targeting response will surely urge you to buy this incredible PC gaming mouse.

A good mouse and daily practice will help you improve your mouse click per second. Here is a video that will help you improve your CPS.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to increase mouse CPS?

Here, the first thing you need to consider for increasing the CPS is practice. Moreover, you must replace your traditional mouse with the latest one because the new models have high CPS.

Which mouse has the most CPS?

According to our deep analysis, you may get several mice options in the market, but only a few models have high CPS. This manner requires effort to pick the one with a fast clicking response. However, The Logitech G502 and Bloody Mouse have the highest CPS as compared to the competitors.

Final Verdict:

Everyone probably wants to invest less money and pick an excellent mouse. It is very difficult to get such a mouse because most budget-friendly mouse lacks some important features. In this regard, how to choose the best mouse depends only on your capital. However, our deep analysis strongly suggests you pick any of these:

  • Logitech G502
  • Bloody A70

These mice come with the highest CPS and feature all the necessary specifications that a user demands. Above all, both these options are budget-friendly.

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