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Best Gaming Chairs for PS5 in 2023

It is very typical of a gamer to be unaware of the best gaming chairs. Even though gaming chairs are one of the essential accessories, each gamer should try to have. You must not feel ashamed when you are unable to find a durable gaming chair because you are not a carpenter or a physician. A layperson will always need some assistance to choose the best ergonomic gaming chair.

What exactly are gaming chairs?

Unfortunately, many new people to the gaming world initially tend to assume that gaming chairs for PS5 are unnecessary. Well, they might be right in their own regard. You cannot blame a person who does not know what he is talking about.

Most of them think that gaming chairs are simple office chairs, and to play online games, any chair will be fine. The fact is, yes, any chair can work for you, but not every chair or stool will be a comfortable choice.

Gaming chairs are now considered a different genre. These are designed with great care while considering the body shape. Moreover, unlike the regular office chairs, the gaming chair has extra support. The best thing is, you can use a gaming chair as an office chair too.

How to select the best gaming chair for Playstation 5

Where can I find the best gaming chair for Playstation?

Before we suggest to you the best gaming chairs available in the market, it is high time to introduce the method to find the best gaming chair. One needs to consider the following features to make a reliable purchase. Many times people forget to consider the minor yet significant features and only focus on the major ones. It might sound petty, but after some time, you will regret such chairs bought inefficiently.

Your need is important

As there are numerous types of gaming chairs, one needs to be conscious about his choice. Some people will wish to have a rocket gaming chair with additional features like Bluetooth, while some will go for affordable and simple ones. It is pretty subjective. You must make a list of your needs to find the same gaming chair for you.

The design

The design of the gaming chair is essential. Fortunately, every manufacturer tries to introduce a different design. If you feel that your shoulders are the most stressed parts when playing online games, go for a design that focuses on the upper back. If You feel back pain while gaming, you should get an ergonomic design chair. Similarly, if one thinks that a gaming chair with increased lumbar support will be ideal, he should choose the relevant designs.

The armrests, footrests

Armrests and footrests are essential for those who will play games for most of their time. You should try to buy a chair which comes with all types of arms and footrests.


A moveable gaming chair is always preferable. It will increase the comfort level, and the player will not be bound to stay in a single place.

Adjustable height

You never know if the manufacturer has created a gaming chair according to your height. Therefore, you should choose a gaming chair that comes with adjustable height. Otherwise, you might not be able to fix the PC or laptop according to your size.

8 best gaming chairs for PS5

1. RESPAWN RSP-110 Gaming Chair

  • Seat Height: 17.5 - 20.50

  • Weight: 46.5 pounds

  • Reclining: 90 - 155

  • Warranty: 5 Year

2. GTRACING Gaming Chair

  • Seat Height adjustable: yes

  • Weight: ‎47 pounds

  • Reclining: 90 - 170

  • Warranty: 1 Year

3. CORSAIR T3 RUSH Gaming Chair

  • Seat Height adjustable: yes

  • Weight: ‎47.3 pounds

  • Reclining: 180°

  • Warranty: 2 Year

4. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

  • Seat Height adjustable: yes

  • Weight: ‎49 pounds

  • Reclining: 90°-120°

  • Ergonomic: yes

  • Warranty: 1 Year

5. Noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair

  • Seat Height adjustable: yes

  • Weight: 65.9 pounds

  • Reclining: 135°

  • Warranty: 2 Year

6. Soontrans Ergonomic Gamer Chair

  • Seat Height adjustable: yes

  • Arms adjustable: No

  • Weight: ‎37.4 pounds

  • Reclining: 90° - 150°

  • Warranty: 1 Year

7. ANBEGE Gaming Chair

  • Seat Height adjustable: yes

  • Arms adjustable: Yes

  • Ergonomic: Yes

  • Weight: ‎42 pounds

  • Reclining: 90° - 165°

8. DXRacer Master Module Gaming Chair

  • Seat Height adjustable: yes

  • Arms adjustable: Yes

  • Ergonomic: Yes

  • Weight: ‎‎68 pounds

  • Reclining: 90° - 135°

1. Respawn 110 gaming chair

Get this all in one article for a comfortable experience

Respawn 110 gaming chair for playstation

Finding a reliable and multi-functional gaming chair is not very easy. But luckily, the Respawn 110 gaming chair comes with all the essential features. Let us examine each amazing feature one by one.

The top thing, which will be very impressive for every gamer is the design of the chair. It is an ergonomic chair, offering you increased comfort. Furthermore, the slight reclining feature is also just what you will want after long periods of playing.

Next, it is a movable chair with sturdy casters, and you do not have to worry about your location. Move the chair wherever you want without any fuss. The cherry on top is the increased comfort level with the unique headrest. Even though playing on PS5 is pretty easy, staring at the tv screen for long hours can make it very tiring. Thus, a soft, pillow-like headrest is what you need. With Respawn 110, you get a comfortable cushiony headrest.

Not only this, it has ergonomic armrests too, which would support your entire arm and hand. Lastly, for added comfort, it comes with an adjustable footrest so that you can place your feet on them whenever you feel uncomfortable.

Now, coming towards the chair material, it is an all-leather seat, ensuring easy cleaning and care. You do not need to use concentrated solutions to clean the seat.

In a nutshell, it is undoubtedly the best gaming chair for you. You can use it for work, gaming, or anything that would be done on the computer or laptop.


  • 90 to a 155-degree reclining chair.
  • Ergonomic racing design.
  • Ideal height.
  • 257 pounds weight capacity.
  • Leather upholstery.


Difficult to set up.

2. GTracing Gaming Chair

A gaming chair ideal for all seasons

GTracing Gaming Chair

Many gamers find it really hard to sit in a hot room without an air conditioner in summer. But with the GTRacing gaming chair, it will not be an issue. It is made up of leatherette and carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is one of the best choices for those seating that will be used in a hotter environment. Thus, it means that you can easily use it in all seasons. It is an essential factor for gamers who wish to focus on their work without getting irritated.

Now the shape and design of the chair are also on point, and it is not like an empty chair in which you will feel like falling down. It will hold you like a baby from all four sides. Even though it gives the rigid racing chair look, the ergonomic design makes it a perfect option for those who would play tournaments online.

Next, it has gas cylinders for reliable height adjustment. Many people complain that many gaming chairs are unable to support their weight, so they cannot use the height adjustment feature. You can easily use it for all, and height is not a matter. Not only the seat’s height is adjustable, but you can also set the armrests according to your need.


  • 90 degrees to 170 degrees reclining.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Ergonomic padded design.
  • Can be used for different purposes.
  • Soft lumbar and head support.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Durable and easy to clean leather upholstery.
  • Moveable.


  • Weight capacity is only up to 180 lbs.

3. Corsair T3 rush Chair

Simple, affordable, and comfortable gaming chair

Corsair T3 rush Chair for ps5

It is not a heavy-duty leather upholstered gaming chair. It is a bit different with the fabric upholstery. You do not have to worry about your sweaty back here, as the fabric is pretty breathable.

Just like an expensive gaming chair, it comes with an ergonomic design, which will make you feel comfortable as long as you are sitting in this chair. Unlike the regular cheap gaming chairs, it has an inwardly folded and padded upper support area for fantastic lumbar and head support.

Another fantastic feature, which you might not get in this price range, is moveability. You can use it anywhere you want. The four casters are just on point and are made up of high-density polymer to bear pressure and movement on any type of surface without wearing out.

Moveable armrests are also an added value so that you can easily play for longer hours. These can be moved in 4 dimensions. It means that if you are reclining back, then to synchronize the armrests, you can move them too. Is not it excellent news for those who always find something missing when sitting on a reclining gaming chair?

It does not have rigid and thick foam. Instead, it comes with plush fabric that will make the chair super-comfortable. It means that the user will not feel tired as the plush microfiber will adjust according to the body shape of the gamer.

Lastly, people of any shape, size, and weight can use it as the seta can bear up to 250 pounds of weight and comes with advanced gas cylinders for easy height adjustability. 


  • 180 degree reclining.
  • 256 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Supportive crowned rubber wheels.
  • Breathable upholstery fabric.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Plush microfiber is used for padding.


  • It is difficult to clean the article.

4. Gabrylly ergonomic chairs

Multi-purpose mesh gaming chair for casual gaming

Gabrylly ergonomic chairs

If you are not a regular gamer who only plays on weekends and wish to create a workstation at your place, you must go for the Gabrylly gaming chair, as these are designed for different purposes. Someone who wishes to set up an office can also consider these chairs as a reliable option.

One unique feature that you might not be seeing in other gaming chairs is the flip-up armrest. It is different yet valuable for areas where you do not want to cover up extra space. Many gaming chair owners complain that they cannot push their chairs inside the table only because of fixed or 3D armrests to leave extra room for movement. However, with this flip-up armrest, you can quickly push the chairs and create space.

You never know if you want a leather or fabric chair when breathability is the issue. But with a mesh back gaming chair, it will be no more a problem. The chair will be a fine choice for all-season, without making the user uncomfortable only because it was too sweaty.

Even though it does not come with squishy and foamy upholstery, it will still allow you to stretch after hours of work. It can recline back very quickly. According to manufacturers, it can be pushed as back as 150 degrees which are far more than you will expect from a mesh ergonomic chair.


  • Adjustable headrest.
  • Adjustable armrest.
  • Moveable chair with durable casters.
  • Up to 250 pounds weight capacity.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Reliable gas lift.


  • No cushion comfort for the back.

5. Nobel chairs Epic Gaming Chair

Chair with optimal breathability and increased comfort

Nobel chairs Epic Gaming Chair

It is a multi-functional chair for those who wish to have a workstation, where they can perform all kinds of functions related to technology, be it gaming or work. The best thing about this very chair is its faux leather upholstery which is not as thick as the genuine leather, thus making the upholstery ideal for all seasons.

Next, it is a reclining gaming chair that can move across 170 degrees—making it one of the perfect gaming and office chairs for those who will sit for longer hours. Moreover, it is for all. This means that you can easily adjust the set height according to your desire. People of every age and size can use it, as it will be equally comfortable for all. The gas lift cylinders will ensure that you can use this chair for as long as possible in the adjusted height without fearing any breakage.

As we were mentioning its comfort level so how can we forget about the armrests. It comes with 4D armrests that can be used according to the user’s desire. It has two side cushions for extreme comfort so that you should not worry about the upper back and shoulder muscles.

In a nutshell, if you wish to have the best looks and sophisticated outlook. Then you must go for the noble epic chair, and it is finely stitched, having that formal look that can spruce up the look of every workstation without making it look untidy.


  • Moveable chair.
  • Adjustable height.
  • Up to 170 degrees reclining.
  • Easy to clean PU leather covers.
  • 265 pounds’ weight capacity.
  • Foam cushions on both sides.
  • Reclining armrests.


  • The footrests are a bit annoying.

6. Soontrans PC Gaming chair

An all in one PC gaming chair

Soontrans PC Gaming chair

No one wishes to purchase a gaming chair, which has all the essential features required for comfortable seating. Fortunately, the Soontrans PC gaming chair comes with approximately every great part that will be a massive help for online gamers. Let us have a look at its salient features one by one.

First of all, the material, as it matters a lot. If you wish to have an easy-to-clean and keep leather material, but at the same time do not want to have breathability issues, then the PU leather is the best. This very chair comes with PU leather upholstery, which is perfect for you, as you can use such chairs in every season, and wherever you want without much struggle.

Next, the high-density foam is also a cherry on top so that even if you are a heavy person, you can still use it without feeling like sitting in a low chair. It will support a more severe body quickly too.

The most fantastic thing in this article is its footrest, it has a foamy footrest, giving you increased comfort when you feel tired after long hours of work. Secondly, the footrest’s size and height are just on point, and you will not think that now your legs are more strained.

Next, the best thing about the armrests is their design. These are not the standard straight armrests. Instead, these are slightly raised from the elbow area to provide extra support while holding the gaming console.

Another fantastic feature is the reclining. Unlike the minimal reclining chair, you can move as back as 150 degrees, which is fine for those who want to focus on a bigger screen while playing. Overall, it is one of the best affordable gaming chairs anyone can have.


  • Adjustable height.
  • Moveable gaming chair.
  • ergonomic design.
  • 360-degree swivel chair.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Carbon fiber to make it suitable for all seasons.


  • Too soft lumbar support.

7. ANBEGE Gaming Chair For PS5

Gaming chair for all seasons

ANBEGE Gaming Chair For PS5

This one comes with carbon fiber, which means that one can use it in any season without worrying about the sweaty and sticky back. It comes with the finest quality PU leather, providing durable upholstery. You do not need to worry about the leather cover every few months; however, as it is PU leather, you must ensure that kids are not using it with carelessness.

You can adjust the set height within a range of 10 to 12 cm, and it sounds a bit low; therefore, if you wish to buy a gaming chair for people between 5.5 to 6 ft., you should buy this chair. The armrests are 3D, but it is guaranteed that you will not feel as if the armrests are moving on their own.

Next, the contorted cushion support is also an attractive feature that keeps your body fixed in the chair. It will not be like a straight ergonomic chair that will only support chubby and fat people, and slim people will also feel comforted and welcomed while sitting in this chair.

The cherry on top is the headrest. Overall, it can be a fine choice for workstations and gaming sessions. One can easily plan to have it for an office space, where you want a formal look and comfort simultaneously. You can gift it to your gamers, and they will love it.


  • Adjustable headrest.
  • Adjustable armrest.
  • Moveable gaming chair.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Up to 350 pounds weight capacity.
  • Ideal dimensions.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Easy to set.


  • The armrests are a bit hard.

8. DXRacer Gaming Chair

An ideal gaming chair for beginners

DXRacer Gaming Chair

In the gaming market, DXRacer is one of the top gaming chair brands. As beginner gamers need to spend several hours on the gaming chairs, searching for an ergonomic design back and lumbar support is essential. It is not a leather upholstered chair. As leather is a bit expensive and beginner gamers might not be able to find a reliable leather chair, thus this one is built with PU leather.

Moreover, it comes with micro carbon fiber, which is the best option if you wish to buy a chair that can be used in the summer. It will be a good investment, as you will not be purchasing different gaming chairs in different seasons.

The sectioned and ergonomically designed lumbar support will provide support to each muscle of your back. It is a very significant change, which you might not see in the regular gaming chairs. Such kind of lumbar and upper back support is designed to hold each part of your spinal cord with the same pressure and comfort.

Another distinguishing feature is the aluminum casters. It means that they can last longer, and the chair can support heavy weight even while someone is sitting on the chair. Now, as gamers tend to rely a lot on the armrests thus, there need to be 4D armrests. Fortunately, this affordable ergonomic gaming chair comes with reliable armrests, and you do not have to worry about your arms while participating in a continuous gaming tournament.


  • Sturdy casters.
  • Reliable safety 4 gas cylinders.
  • Moveable gaming chair.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • 4D moveable armrests.
  • Cushioned headrest.


  • The levers are hard to move.

Frequently asked questions

Why do we need gaming chairs for PS5?

To enjoy your game thoroughly and comfortably, you need to have a reliable gaming chair by your side. PS5 comes with exciting games that will require some time to play. If you are willing to spend ten to twenty percent of your day on gaming, you should consider having a dependable quality gaming chair.

You cannot sit on a stool for more than twenty minutes, and if you do, the chances are that you might face backache and other posture issues. Thus, a gaming chair is the ultimate solution for a healthy posture while enjoying the latest PS5 games.

Which is the best gaming chair for PS5?

It is a tricky question, and it will be wrong to mention only a single gaming chair. Several companies are making some fantastic gaming chairs. We have enlisted a few of our favorite ones, and you can choose the one that suits you.

The topmost gaming chair is undoubtedly a complete package. It has a headrest, a lumbar support cushion, 4D armrests, and a thick steel frame for increased comfort. If you wish to have a gaming chair with footrests too, then the Respawn gaming chair will be a fine choice.


Choosing a reliable gaming chair for PS5 is not very easy when you know nothing about furniture. However, with dependable reviewers, it will be fun. We have considered the eight best gaming chairs for PS5, and you can select the one that seems suitable as per your needs.

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