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Best Desk For Triple Monitor Set up in 2023

Computer hardware is to make the device even productive. Thanks to advanced technology, now we can easily add extra devices to enhance the usage of our PC. Monitors are one of those hardware’s which you can upgrade.

However, there are a lot of additional accessories when someone wishes to use multiple monitors. This trend is pretty common among people who control some systems virtually, such as the workers in operating rooms, and gamers are also likely to increase their view by having more than one monitor in for their gaming sessions. One needs to consider several things before they set up a triple monitor PC system. No matter their goal, they would need a compatible desk, which would help them operate all the monitors together.

In this article, we will review the most amazing desks for triple monitors, which would enhance your productivity. One needs to consider various factors, including the space and the material of the desks, before choosing them for the triple screen PC.

Best Desk For Triple Monitor

Why do you need a triple monitor?

So before we share with you the best decks, we thought it necessary to help you discern why you would need the triple monitor setup.

Any people cannot have the 50 inches screen for the gaming experience. Thus it would be better instead to have more than one monitor. So for gamers, it is affordable and the best way to play heavy games, which would require a fantastic GPU setup.

As far as the designers are concerned, they need to check various designs for a single thing. Opening different tabs and then checking different themes or designs one by one will not give him a clear idea about which one is the best.

Thus, it would be better to look at all of the shortlisted designs simultaneously, to consider the minute details too. It will only be possible with multiple monitors. So designers can save their time and design better with more than one monitor.

What do you need for a triple monitor requirement?

What do you need for a triple monitor requirement

Setting a triple monitor system is not as simple as ABC. It takes a lot of other accessories too. Otherwise, the setup might not function as well as it should. You must gather the following things to make the desk and the triple monitor PC work well.

When purchasing the desk for a triple monitor, these features are essential. When buying the desk for multiple monitors and to set it up, one must not ignore these specifications at any cost. It will make all your efforts go in vain.

Size Of The Table

The size of the desk must be big enough to make a room not only for the three monitors but also for other accessories which would be connected with the system. The ideal length and size of a desk should hold all your accessories along with the PC.

Then the ideal shape of any desk which would have more than two monitors on it would be the L-shaped design.

A Triple monitor mount

The triple monitor mount is also essential to secure the monitors in a suitable fashion and make it all look good. There are ready-made mounts in some desk designs, especially for the triple monitor, so you might not have to purchase the extra ones.

Compatible Graphic cards

If you have made a custom PC, then choosing the best GPU set up for the multiple monitor system will be essential. You must check with the graphic card designer,

Multiple HDMI cables

HDMI cables are necessary for the connections, and you need to have a lot of them, as they ensure the perfect screening.

Top 8 desk for triple monitor set up

Image Product Details
ODK 63 inches Large Computer Desk 1. ODK 63 inches Large Computer Desk
  • Size: 63 Inch
  • Shape: Rectangular
Cubiker Modern L-shaped Desk 2. Cubiker Modern L-shaped Desk
  • Size: 51.1″(L) x 51.1″(W) x 29.5″(H)
  • Shape: L-Shaped
Cubi Cubi computer Desk 63 Inch 1. Cubi Cubi computer Desk 63 Inch
  • Size: 63 Inch
  • Shape: Rectangular
Rolanstar Desk with Power Outlet 4. Rolanstar Desk with Power Outlet
  • Size: 63 Inch
  • Shape: Rectangular
Cubiker Computer Desk 5. Cubiker Computer Desk 63 inch
  • Size: 63 Inch
  • Shape: Rectangular
Casaottima - L-shaped Gaming desk 6. Casaottima – L-shaped Gaming desk
  • Size: 51 – 66 Inches
  • Shape: L-Shape
CubiCubi L Shape Computer Desk with Storage Shelf 7. CubiCubi L Shape Computer Desk with Storage Shelf
  • Size: 59.1 x 47.3 x 29.1
  • Shape: L-Shape
Cubiker Modern L-shaped Desk 8. Cubiker Modern L-shaped Desk
  • Size: 59.1 x 47.3 x 29.5
  • Shape: L-Shape

ODK 63 inches Large Computer Desk

Available in different colors fit your room decor.

ODK 63 inches large computer table Desk

Suppose you are a worker or designer who needs to work on multiple screens at a time. Then it can be the perfect table for you. Any worker would need to keep several files and documents while working; thus, storage is pretty necessary. Fortunately, the ODK has taken it pretty seriously, and that is why they have come up with the storage. It has a side pocket like a cabinet, where you can keep whatever you want.

It is a storage bag with many other pockets in it, and one can easily place as many things in it as possible. All the necessary accessories are required while working.

One thing which makes it an excellent choice for the triple monitor is the length of the table. It is more than 63 inches, so you can easily fit all three monitors on it. There would not be an issue.

Next, it is pretty convenient to step it up. The entire setting up session will take almost 10 to 20 minutes if you have all the tools with you. So it would be a quick solution for your PC system.

Another aspect that makes it the best choice for the PC desk is its height. Many manufacturers do not pay heed while designing such desks. It comes with a height of approximately 25 inches, which makes it a wonderful choice. You do not have to bend too much, nor it requires one to look up for several hours to work continuously.

It is waterproof too, so a messy person can also have it for work or entertainment purposes. It is a fantastic option for you.


  • Quick assembly.
  • Sturdy material.
  • Ideal dimensions.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Comes with installation tools.


  • The side bag cannot hold more than a few kilograms.

Cubiker Modern L-shaped Desk

Ideal for designers and system managers

Cubiker Modern L-shaped Desk

It is a uniquely designed L-shaped table, built with a combination of metal and MDF. Many people complain that a whole wooden table will cover a lot of space to support three monitors and the entire PC setup. Compared to wood, steel and metal have greater tensile strength, and you do not need thick metal stands to hold the three monitors. Furthermore, it will not cover extra space.

Moreover, the MDF boards are undoubtedly a sturdy option when you wish to keep all your monitors on them. Next, the metal frame is not like a normal L-shaped tablet. Instead, it is different with center support, making it a fine choice with extreme support.

Another thing which plays a crucial role when you’re buying a desk for a PC is height. It is more than 25 inches, which means that if you use an office or gaming chair with this desk, you will not feel uneasy.

Then it is pretty spacious with a width of almost 51 inches and 19.7 inches depth. You can put all your accessories and PC hardware on it without any hassle. Your desk will not look like a messed-up place.

One unique thing, which you will not get on other desks is the movable shelf. You can move it to get a clearer view of any other device if you have connected it with the PC. Overall it is an excellent option for someone who wishes to have a desk that is wide, large, and easy to assemble.


  •  Spacious desk.
  • Ideal height.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Stylish and modern look.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Sturdy desk.


  • It does not come with any instructions.

Cubi Cubi computer Desk 63 Inch

A multi-functional computer desk

Cubi Cubi computer Desk

It is also a large table which can easily be used to keep three monitors. It is a rectangular-shaped table so that you can have it for your bedroom and living room. Unlike the L-shaped table, it will not occupy extra space. Place it beside a wall, and you are good to go.

The most extended version of this table is available in 63 inches, which is the perfect length to place triple monitors with a PC setup.

As many people fear that the metal frame of the desk is not on point, and putting big monitors on it will be risky. But here, you don’t need to worry because the entire frame is made uniformly with the same metal. Thus, it will support each section of the desk without any issues.

One thing which we really enjoyed and found interesting is the customer care and guidance. If you have never set up a desk, then setting up this one will not be an issue for you, they do not only give you a manual and help you through videos to set the desk properly.

It is a synthetic material board. You cannot put extremely heavy objects on it, as melamine is less strong than wood or other polyesters.

However, placing three monitors and a few other accessories is fine. But we will not recommend you to put the CPU on it too.


  • Comes with a side bag for storage.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Does not occupy much space.
  • You can easily put the CPU beneath the table.
  • Light weight.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to move.


  • Melamine cannot hold extra weight.

Rolanstar Computer Desk

A wooden desk with a rustic look; ideal for both office and home

Rolanstar Computer Desk

If you want to have that vintage and classic look for your home or the area you work, it can be an option for you. It has that rustic look. The upper wooden part is the engineered wood, as using pure wood for a desk that will be used for this purpose might be a bad idea.

The engineered wood-like MDF boards will have greater strength and are sturdier than the pure ones. Secondly, the upper surface is polished, so a messy person can also have it, as there will be minimum chances of scratches.

A fantastic feature, which makes it a unique and more productive option for you is the electric strip. If you wish to have a cleaner environment around the computer desk, then having this one would be a nice thing.

The electric disk comes with power outlets and USB ports, thus connecting different devices with your PC will not be an issue. However, you should be pretty careful while using it, as a slightly careless attitude can be risky.

The entire design of the desks is according to the needs of the computer users. It has different storage options for the headphones and other accessories that will constantly be used while working on a PC.

To enhance the storage option, it has two storage bags too. These bags are enough for the files and to keep all your documents within your range.

Next, the metal frame is also pretty durable and reliable. It won’t break easily. You can place all your necessary devices and time on it without any fear. Moreover, it is polished. Thus you do not have to worry about any type of electricity issue or short circuit. However, you should not let anyone scratch the polish at any cost.


  • Large desk.
  • Rustic and vintage look.
  • Ample storage.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Durable metal stand.
  • Reliable customer care.


  • The electric slot cna be a bit risky.

Cubiker Computer Desk

Clean and large desk for your PC

Cubiker Computer Desk 63 inch

If you cannot help but think about the durability of a PC desk, then choosing this unique frame would be the best idea. It comes with the four typical legs and diagonal support at the middle of the desk for reinforced support to the metal frame.

Next, you do not have to worry about any stains on your floor while using or to keep these desks. It comes with adjustable footpads, which will not make any mark on the floor. Even when you remove it after years furthermore, you can move it quickly without damaging the floor.

Now coming towards the dimensions, it is pretty large. You can choose from various sizes. However, the ideal one is 63 inches. Additionally, the storage bags to hold all your accessories and necessary documents are also pretty fine.

It is not a wooden board but an engineered melamine board. It is a dense board, unlike regular plastic boards.

Then the frame is made up of metal. Thus, you get a sturdy desk to keep your PC and monitors along with the accessories.

If you are worried about having a sturdy frame, then this polished metal frame is safe to use and durable for heavy work.


  • Nice looks.
  • Durable material.
  • Thicker board.
  • Sturdy metal frame.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Comes with a manual.


  • The metal frame legs are not very thick.

Casaottima – L-shaped Gaming desk

A heavy-duty computer desk with all the additional features.

Casaottima - L-shaped Gaming desk

If you wish to have a computer desk with all the necessary accessories and features, it is an ideal option.

It is large enough to keep all your monitors. Moreover, the floating shelf makes it an even better desk. You can keep your laptop, books, or any other device on it for continuous and increased productivity. Next, the stands are designed for enhanced durability.

Unlike the regular computer desk, this one has a 66 inches length. On top of that, the round corner center joint increases its width so that you can utilize that space too; otherwise, it will go in vain.

The adjustable leg pads are also a blessing for those who do not want to destroy their floors while using this desk. It is an ideal desk for offices which cannot afford damaged floors at any cost.

Another feature is the crossed stand for enhanced support. You can keep all your devices on it, along with books and documents, and it still is standing without any jerks.

We would suggest this desk for gamers and students, who are always searching for a personalized space where they can keep all the books and devices.

The floating shelf can be moved anywhere on the table so that you must use it according to your need.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Three year warranty.
  • Empty space beneath the table for utilization.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Round corner.
  • Large size and available in different sizes.


  • Does not come with a manual.

CubiCubi – L-shaped Computer Desk with Storage Shelf

Ideal for offices and workers who need to keep all the documents together too.

CubiCubi - L-shaped Computer Desk with Storage Shelf

Starting off with the look of the table. It would adjust beautifully in your room or office. The rustic top made up of engineered wood is ideal for any space where you want to keep the sophisticated look.

Moreover, the engineered wood is also perfect for keeping heavy monitors and other stuff on the desk. It would not break easily. Furthermore, the table is all polished. So you also do not need to worry about scratches.

One thing which we liked the most, is the frame holding the table. It is not like a regular one, where you get empty spaces. Instead, the metal rods support each section of the desk equally. Usually, the center part of an L-shaped table has only one leg, but there are two for increased support here.

Now coming towards the storage. Unlike the above-reviewed gaming desks, this one comes with a separate metal storage section connected at the edge of the table.

It has two rectangular shelves. You can keep whatever you wish on those shelves.


  • Durable body.
  • Rustic polish.
  • Sturdy design.
  • It comes with storage shelves.
  • Ideal height for easier work.


  • The length of the tables is less than 60 inches.

Cubiker Modern L-shaped Desk

A white and large table for the modern look.

Cubiker Modern L-shaped Desk

If you wish to keep that trending indoor furniture set up while you fix a space for gaming or work, this is an ideal option. It is a pretty large table, and you can easily put the three monitors on it. One at the center, connecting the two rectangular sides, and the other two on the remaining sides.

You can keep whatever you wish with you while working as it comes with a more giant pocket bag. Moreover, there are headphone hooks too. Making it an ideal desk for gamers and designers who need to work with all the accessory devices with them.

To ensure the durability of the metal frame, it has crossed frames on both the rectangular sides, and for the center, there are two additional metal legs too.


  • Comes with a laptop movable shelf too.
  • Ideal height and wide desk.
  • MDF boards for durable experience.
  • Sturdy metal frame with crossed support rods.
  • Storage bags, and hooks for increased productivity.


  • Assembling can take almost an hour.

Frequently asked question

What is the ideal length of a desk for a triple monitor?

The ideal length for a desk which would be used to place three monitors simultaneously is more than 60 inches. However, there are many desks with almost 59 inches in length, they can also work, but you will need to use them a bit more smartly.


The best desk for triple monitors will be the one that is long, sturdy, and comes with storage. Moreover, the material used to build that table should also be durable. Otherwise, there will be a risk of easy breaking, and you might lose money.

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