Acer vs Asus monitor Which Monitor Brand Is Better in 2023?

Having all the advanced PC components and a poor monitor would be a disaster. You might feel as if you have wasted all your money and the robust devices too. Acer and ASUS not only manufacture the best laptop and accessories, but their gaming monitors are also very famous.

One of the famous devices by Asus or Acer is the fantastic gaming portable monitors that would spruce up the gaming sessions. These monitors are not only great for gamers, particularly professional gamers, but also graphic designers, video editors, and Youtubers.

People often get confused about the Acer and ASUS devices and assume them to be the same brands. However, there are remarkable differences between the two. Before we start explaining the differences and mention which is better for you, it is essential to inform you that both brands are best in their regard.

It mainly depends on the buyer and his needs. You will see which brand suits you the most as we discuss to find out the best one.

The Differences between Acer and Asus monitors

The Differences between Acer and Asus monitors

We are now coming towards the main topic. Here we will analyze the main features that are pretty important to check when buying a monitor, be it for the live streaming or gaming sessions. Then we will continue to choose a verdict, but again allow me to mention that you should keep your checklist in mind.

The Quality of the Monitors

Quality of the Monitors

So on the checklist for a fine monitor, the first thing that you must notice is the quality of the monitor. A thin bezel that would not occupy much space on the screen with a minim surface area ratio will be the best.

In this aspect, if we compare Acer and Asus, so it would be honest to say that Asus is better. Its looks and screen-to-bezel ratio are also on point. Moreover, the height of the monitor also matters. Again in this regard, the Asus monitors come with the ideal dimensions. So if you are only looking for a monitor which would look great on the table, and is easier to see, then the Asus monitors might serve your purpose better.

Ports and Connectivity

Ports and Connectivity

Here you must consider a rule, no matter what you are doing or in which field you are. The more ports in a monitor, the better it will be. Imagine that today you do not need an HDMI port, as you are not doing anything of the sort. However, if you wish to play games on a play station in the future, you will need an HDMI port.

If you plan to perform different tasks and functions on your PC, you must have more than the needed ports. In this aspect, you should consider the Asus brand, as it is already working to provide better and advanced connectivity options. Unfortunately, here again, the Acer monitors are lagging.

They are yet to launch such monitors that offer all kinds of ports. But, it does not mean that you cannot connect your desired devices. There are some universal ports in Acer monitors that are functional when some adaptors would be used.

The budget

The budget

Price and value for money matter, especially for the mediocre and white collared class. They cannot afford to spend thousands of bucks to buy a monitor only and then get only a few features.

If you are searching for a compatible and robust monitor on a tight budget, choose from the Acer brand, as it comes with several excellent monitors that are an excellent value for the money you pay. You will not feel as if you have spent more than you should.

On the other hand, the Asus monitors are expensive. Even though they come with several fantastic and advanced features, they are still slightly over-charging. It would only become prominent when one compares the prices of the two brands.

The Asus monitor price range starts from almost 150 dollars, while the Acer monitors price range is below 100 dollars too. Again it is very subjective, and some people intend to buy expensive things, as they consider them better, so you still cannot decide which brand is best for you.


Users Interface

The primary feature to check when buying a monitor is the user interface. Acer has been making a lot of changes to the menus and the user interface. You will notice that there is a different user interface for each version, and if you ask me, it is a volatile attitude.

The users who have been loving Acer lately are now confused, and maybe it is a type of marketing technique to urge people to buy different monitors for a changed experience every time. But to be honest, we cannot say much about what is going on.



To make the monitor usage even more fun, you will need some software. However, people often get confused while choosing joy. It is not an issue with Asus monitors because it comes with exciting software called the display widget. You can control the monitor features, such as the brightness level, and many more with it.

On the other side, unfortunately, the Acer monitors do not come with any such software to uplift the quality of the user experience. But you can always download some other software that is not authorized by Acer but can still help you in this regard.

Adaptive sync

Adaptive sync acer vs ASUS monitors

It would be a necessary feature for a gaming PC’s monitor. You must ask the seller before buying. In my experience, fortunately, both the Acer and ASUS monitors have all kinds of sync technologies. Be it G-sync or Free sync. You can choose any of the brands when your main goal is to find one with these technologies.



The electronic items are pretty unreliable, even when purchased from a famous reliable brand. Therefore, choosing a brand that comes with a warranty is necessary.

Luckily, both the Acer and Asus provide a three-year warranty, covering almost every part of the device. Even though many famous brands come with a one-year warranty but here it is an altogether different thing. Maybe it is because of the competition.

Final verdict

Now is the last and an essential part of this discussion. Well, with immense pleasure, it should be said that both these Taiwanese companies are doing a fabulous job when it comes to all kinds of monitors and devices.

Therefore, claiming any of these the best would be wrong. The choice is very subjective. If one wishes to buy in a budget, then the Acer monitors will be ideal for them, but if it is the stand and the outlook, then Asus will suit them.

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