The Difference Between 3000mhz DDR4 RAM Vs 3200mhz DDR4 RAM

Due to similar specifications, it is very complex for the audience to differentiate between 3000mhz and 3200mhz RAM. That’s why it is a frequently asked question: What is the significant difference between these chips?

For instance, if you are new to the gaming world and looking for a suitable RAM for a gaming computer, you may be thinking about which RAM chip is capable of meeting your requirements. The dissimilarity between both chips is so minor that it is very different to make a clear comparison.

However, the only noticeable difference is that 3200mhz is slightly faster than 3000mhz. For complete details, we have assembled everything in the article that is important to know for maintaining the overall performance and functionality of the system.

3000mhz DDR4 RAM:

Mainly, 3000mhz is available only in Dynamic random access memory (DRAM), proving ideal for performing lighter gaming and multitasking. In addition, the chip can give you a good gaming experience because the data transfer speed of the system is good.

3000mhz DDR4 RAM

On the contrary, when the point comes to the bandwidth of this chip, let’s add that it has a bandwidth of PC4-24000 and this range is excellent for performing several tasks smoothly. As you know, RAM is the measurement of the frequency speed, which measures the total transfer of mega in MHz. It means that 3000mhz DDR4 RAM is perfectly capable of completing 3,000,000 data transfers per second.

Besides this, the mother compatibility also plays a great role in ensuring the RAM of the chip. For instance, DDR4 3000 comes with the ability to connect with a wide range of Intel motherboards. Thereby, you can use it for several series like 100, X299, 200, 300, and many more.

3200 mhz DDR4 RAM:

According to the latest research, 3200mhz DDR4 RAM can transfer roughly 6.6% more data per second compared to 3000mhz DDR4 RAM. In this manner, this chip’s speed of data transfer is more. On the contrary, it is essential to know that 3200 is available only in synchronous dynamic random access memory.

3200 mhz DDR4 RAM

Here, this chip is capable of organizing the computer’s overall memory into several sections of equal size. In this sense, every section performs all the tasks accurately. Besides this, as a professional player, if you are willing to play graphics and video games with remarkable comfort, 3200mhz is an ideal option.

Thereby, 3200mhz DDR4 RAM makes things smoother and delivers you an exceptional gaming experience. Although the clock time of both chips is great, we are thankful for the extra 200mhz because it delivers a noticeable change in the overall speed of input and output. Lastly, the chip is completely responsible for handling online data transfers efficiently.

What is DDR4:

In simple words, 3000mhz DDR4 RAM and 3200mhz DDR4 RAM are called DDR4 RAM. DDR4 RAM is very demanding for gamers who have to perform several gaming tasks. As you know, speed is the major thing of a computer that ensures overall performance and functionality. Well, a PC with poor speed will never allow you to play video games smoothly. Several lagging issues may occur.

To overcome all these problems, DDR4 is ideal, which is popular as the advanced operational generation for storing computing memory. Besides this, the chip is DDR4 memory was produced in 2020, which is suitable for standard gaming sessions. In addition, the lowest supporting rate of DDR4 was almost 2133mhz, and this range goes to 4266mhz now.

Here, this statement defines that the data transfer rate of DDR4 is 4266 million per second, and it is truly exceptional. When you compare DDR4 with DDR3 or DDR2, you will come to know that it runs at the least voltage of 1.35V.

Differences Between 3200mhz DDR4 RAM and 3000mhz DDR4 RAM:

3200mhz DDR4 RAM and 3000mhz DDR4 RAM

Chiefly, many people face the toss-up when the point comes to the clear comparison of 3000mhz DDR4 RAM and 3200mhz DDR4 RAM. In this manner, our deep analysis strongly suggests that few factors make it easy to differentiate between both chips under certain situations. Thereby, let’s have a deep look at each factor and specification now:

Clock Speed:

Primarily, a single mega transfer of the cycle is equal to 1,000,000. It means that 3200 comes with a 6.6% fast response speed compared to 3000 DDR4. Although both chips will surely deliver you a fast gaming response, 3200 DDR4 will take your gaming experience to another level. To be very honest, the contrast is not huge, but 3200 is ideal for running high graphics video games smoothly.

CAS Latency:

Here, the most important fact you need to keep in mind is that faster speeds do not necessarily correspond to better latency. Mainly, this point is the measurement of the delay between issued and followed computer commands. Well, 3200 DDR4 has a latency of 14-16, and 3000 has 14-17. So, 3200 will surely perform better than 3000 DDR4.


Additionally, a warranty is another crucial factor that ensures the product’s lifespan. Both these chips deliver high-quality performance to the PC games, so there is no doubt in the functionality. Moreover, both these RAM chips come with a limited warranty card to build confidence among buyers.


Well, the frequency of the system is directly proportional to the RAM. In this case, 3200 DDR4 is slightly expensive as compared to 3000. However, there is not a noticeable difference in the functionality of these chips.

Which one should we pick:

In terms of performance, there is not much difference between both these RAM chips. However, if you like to play light gaming sessions smoothly, you must consider going for 3000 DDR4 RAM.

On the contrary, if you are professional enough to play different challenging games, then 3200 DDR4 RAM is a better pick for you. Besides this, both these RAM chips promise to deliver top-notch performance for gamers. If you have a reasonable budget and are willing to enjoy the extraordinary experience, 3200 will be a slightly better option than 3000 DDR4 RAM.